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'Backstabbing' an issue with Schonert firing - ESPN.com


Former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick and former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck add some interesting, but not altogether unsurprising, opinions and insight into the Turk Schonert firing.

Schonert has no past connection with QB's

Schonert has struggled to make an impact with any of the offenses he's coached. While 2008 in Buffalo was his only year as an offensive coordinator, Schonert has been the quarterbacks coach for 13 seasons with five clubs. In 1992, Schonert headed to Tampa Bay where he "guided" Vinny Testaverde to 14 touchdowns and 16 interceptions and a ticket out of Tampa. The Bucs were 5-11, but Turk stayed, with a young quarterback under his tutelage. Miami's Craig Erickson skippered Tampa to a 11-18 record over two years, but did show improvement before being booted in favor of Trent Dilfer. Dilfer tossed four touchdowns to go with 18 interceptions under Schonert, who was removed from his post and headed North. Schonert's greatest success came in Buffalo from 1998-2000, where he couldn't choose between two quarterbacks with successful numbers. The Bills were 29-19 during that time, with Doug Flutie (47 TD, 30 INT) and Rob Johnson (22 TD, 10 INT) co-existing peacefully. He left after an 8-8 campaign in Orchard Park. Schonert had another inexperienced starter in Carolina in 2001. Chris Weinke went 1-14 as a starter, with 11 TD and 19 INT. Turk's tenure in Carolina ended there. He took a year off in 2002 before returning to the league in 2003 with the Giants, where he coached Kerry Collins to one of his worst years as a professional. Collins and Schonert were out of jobs. After another year off, Schonert spent a season with the Saints, ensuring the end of Aaron Brooks' time in New Orleans. Three wins and 13 losses tend to correspond with 13 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Schonert, Brooks, gone. Sensing a pattern here? Schonert has failed with rookies, veterans, Pro Bowlers and Super Bowlers.

The positives of Schonert getting canned

While the timing of this move is a bit odd, it was the right move and the move that needed to be made if this offense were to have any hope this season.  Like many of you, I wanted Schonert gone...

Change name of the game for Buffalo offense (PFW)

"We were disappointed in how little we’ve used it," coach Dick Jauron admitted. "The huddle is not complicated, and so we said we’ll focus our attention on not huddling. … We think it’s a valuable weapon and obviously everybody in the league uses it."

Bills' Schonert has more talent to work with in '09


Buffalo Rumblings examines a recent article from KC Joyner on Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert and his preference to "spread the wealth" offensively.

Bills' off-season about providing help for Edwards


The Buffalo Bills made a series of moves designed to build around young, developing QB Trent Edwards offensively. Buffalo Rumblings identifies four key ways in which the team, on paper, has been...

2008 Buffalo Bills Yards per Passing Attempt


Buffalo Rumblings examines the "YPA" stat and its relevance to the 2008 Buffalo Bills offense.

Third & Short: A Look at Turk Schonert's Playcalling


Many Buffalo Bills fans have questioned Turk Schonert’s propensity to call pass plays on third and short, particularly out of the shotgun formation.  This was one of the biggest arguments made...


The Need for an Offensive Identity: Power Running and Play-Action

Although the 2008 Buffalo Bills lacked an offensive identity, they have the pieces in 2009 to establish a power running game.

Return of Jauron must signal bigger change in Buffalo


Buffalo Rumblings examines the full breadth of Bills owner Ralph Wilson's decision to retain head coach Dick Jauron.

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