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Friday Night Bills Article Roundup

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Man, I'm not a fan of bye weeks. Sure, there are positives - this will be the first time since September 23 (three weeks, if you're counting) where I'll have a weekend free of, say, cardiac arrest and bitter disappointment. There are upsides to a bye week if you're a Bills fan - still, I'm looking at a Sunday without football I'm passionate about, and it's bothering me.

Due to a recent spate of homework/exams/et. al. that I've had to accomplish recently, the creative portion of my brain is in shutdown mode as I cram it full of soon-to-be-useless information. Don't worry - I've still got plenty more to say about this team during the bye week. But for now, let's take a quick look at what other, smarter people are saying about our beloved Bills:

Jabari Greer is Popular: A third-stringer coming out of training camp, the play of Bills CB Jabari Greer over the last two weeks (two interceptions, a nearly-game-clinching strip on a two-point conversion and holding his own against Randy Moss/Laveranues Coles/Terrell Owens) has earned the respect of many Bills fans, including yours truly. The Buffalo News and RealFootball365 chime in, respectively:

The Bills might have stumbled into a good one in Greer, who opened the season third on the depth chart but since has made a strong case to stick around as a full-time starter. He's another example how size, speed and statistics can offer hints for scouts, but they don't always reveal the best football players.
One can't help but wonder how differently the loss to Denver would have panned out had Greer, not Jason Webster and Ashton Youboty, gotten the lion's share of playing time opposite Terrence McGee.

Regardless, it's safe to say the 1-4 Bills are missing Clements a little less now.

Attention Switching from QB to Coaching: There have been whispers about a potential coaching change amongst Bills fans ever since Dick Jauron was hired in January of 2006; now, however, those whispers are getting ever louder. Connor Byrne's answer to the coaching question is simple: Marty Ball...

Wilson, soon to be 89 years old, likely doesn't have much time left to see the Bills' embarrassing playoff drought (surely to hit eight seasons come January) end, and he must be impatient with the franchise's lack of on-field progress...

For all the criticism he's taken in the past, one thing you can say about the 63-year-old Schottenheimer is that, like Jauron, the guys on his team are usually more than willing to go all out for him. The difference? Schottenheimer has a knack for hiring proven, capable coordinators (Wade Phillips and Cam Cameron in San Diego) and possesses the obvious enthusiasm the deadpan Jauron does not. On a young team, such demeanor would be worth its weight in gold, and Schottenheimer would give Buffalo credibility across the league again. (It hasn't had that since, what, the original Levy era?)

Obviously, some of Jauron's coaching questions this season are being questioned by media experts (and even by us), but I'm still of the opinion that a coaching change after the 2007 season would be premature. Why? Two seasons isn't enough for a coach to fully assemble the team he wants, instill the schemes he wants, and to "right the ship", so to speak. GM Marv Levy was willing to give Mike Mularkey a third season in Buffalo (it was Mularkey's resignation that ended his stay in Buffalo after two years); Gregg Williams got three season as well. Jauron is a superior coach than both, and it's possible that a third year in Buffalo could be exactly what this team needs to finally make that jump back to respectability. A strong 2008 draft and the return of several players currently on IR will help Jauron's chances.

But boy, is Schottenheimer tempting. Even more so than the Bill Cowhers of the world, in my humble opinion. You can say that Marty can't win the big one all you want, but straight up, the guy can just coach. He'd be my top candidate from outside the organization if a change were to be made; as I've said many times before, if we were to promote from within, it has to be Bobby April.

Congrats, Lee!: Bills WR Lee Evans won't be relaxing this bye week. In fact, he'll probably be a bit more nervous than he is on most pre-game Saturdays: he's getting married.

Evans has picked the Bills' bye weekend to get married. He and his fiancee, Miranda Farr, will be wed in a ceremony in Florida on Saturday.

Evans has known Farr since his college days at the University of Wisconsin. She is a Wisconsin native.

"We wanted to have it in a nice, scenic, remote location," Evans said. "We got engaged right after training camp ended. A lot of people said, `Why do it during the season?' but she's done a great job of getting everything together in a short amount of time."

The honeymoon will have to wait. Evans will be back in Buffalo for practice Monday.

Congratulations, Lee and Miranda!