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Week Six Picks: Buffalo Rumblings Style

This is something I've been regretting for a while: not doing a community-wide weekly "Pick'Em" for all you readers who frequent the site. In light of not having much Bills-related to talk about for a couple of days, however, why not start this little tradition during the bye week? So it's on - every Saturday night, I'll throw up my weekly NFL picks, and anyone interested can make theirs as well. Or they can just publicly mock mine. I'll tally up the correct picks for anyone who leaves their selections, and we'll make a little competition out of it. Sound good?

So, in light of this new little wrinkle at the site, here's how I see the Week Six NFL action shaking out over the next couple of days (picks made without taking spreads into account):

Cincinnati over Kansas City
- The game may be at Arrowhead, but there's no way Damon Huard out-duels Carson Palmer. Even if Huard is playing the atrocious Bengals defense.

Jacksonville over Houston
- Houston's had the Jaguars' number recently, but David Garrard is playing well and that Jacksonville defense is ridiculous. This should be a fun game to watch.

Cleveland over Miami
- Don't discount the winless Dolphins in this one - anything can happen when the Browns are involved. I just think Cleveland's offense is playing too well right now for Miami to win one on the road.

Green Bay over Washington
- I love the Redskins; I think they may actually be the second-best team in the NFC. But it's difficult to believe that Brett Favre will lose two straight at Lambeau Field.

Baltimore over St. Louis
- I'm very interested to see how the porous Rams' defense fares against the not-so-explosive Ravens offense. This should be a good primer for the Bills/Ravens tilt in Week 7.

Chicago over Minnesota
- Chicago is riding high after their comeback win in Green Bay on Sunday night. Just don't expect 20+ points from the Bears offense again; Minnesota's defense is very, very talented.

NY Jets over Philadelphia
- Call this one a hunch, but I think the better team loses in this game. The Eagles are rested and looking to rebound from a 3-point effort against the Giants; the only reason I'm picking the Jets here is a hunch. Seriously.

Tampa Bay over Tennessee
- Even at 3-1, I think the Titans are slightly overrated; they're good, but they're not that good. I'm going with the home team with more to prove this week in Tampa.

Arizona over Carolina
- The game is in Arizona, and the Cards have the advantage of having a really, really good offense with Kurt Warner at the helm. Carolina's hurting, and they're not as good as their 3 wins indicate.

New England over Dallas
- Obviously, everyone's talking about this game. Even after what happened Monday Night, I'm pulling for Dallas in this one, simply because I'm obligated to hate the Patriots at all times. I just can't pick against them in this one.

San Diego over Oakland
- Daunte Culpepper seems re-born in Silver and Black, but San Diego looks like they're back among the league's elite. LT should finally get the big game his fantasy owners have been looking for.

Seattle over New Orleans
- Poor New Orleans. They're 0-4, missing any semblance of a running game and now they get the chance to face a smarting, talented Seahawks defense on national television. Seattle should win this one handily.

NY Giants over Atlanta
- We all know that anything can happen on Monday Night, but the Giants are just playing good football right now, both offensively and defensively. Atlanta's got a tough one to win Monday Night.