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Reports: Bills to Name Starting QB by Wednesday

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With the bye week officially over and the Bills getting set to begin preparations for this week's matchup against the Baltimore Ravens, the question that died a bit over the weekend has resurfaced: who will start at QB for Buffalo in that game?

According to reports from the official site and WGR 550, that decision will be made by the time the Bills hit the practice field Wednesday. From the official site's coverage:

"They'll know before you know," said head coach Dick Jauron Monday. "They'll know before we start practicing on Wednesday."

Through the bye week and into Monday the quarterbacks rotated through in practice with Trent Edwards getting the first rep in the rotation.

"They split time," said Jauron. "It was just like a bye week practice."

As you all read early on last week, you know where I stand: Losman needs to start. I will, however, admit that as it stands right now, I think that each QB has about an equal shot at starting on Sunday. The deciding factor, of course, may be how well J.P. Losman's knee holds up in practice throughout the week.

Allow me to be honest for a moment: I am scared. I am petrified that, all things (especially health) equal, Dick Jauron is going to make the wrong decision here. But what is perhaps most intriguing about this situation is that, in two days, we will know exactly what this team's plans are. If the hierarchy chooses Losman, they're proving that they still think he could be the guy; if Edwards starts, they're admitting that they never had much confidence in Losman in the first place and are making the future now. We won't have to guess anymore - in two days (or perhaps less), we'll know.

So this is the last time we'll discuss it before the decision is made. You know I support Losman - see the linked article for detailed explanation if you missed it the first time around. We also know that of the 193 people who have voted in the poll to the right, 66% (128) are in favor of Losman starting, while just 33% (65) are pulling for Edwards.

Here's your last chance: please leave a comment about who you'd like to start, especially if you're an Edwards supporter (I have yet to hear a compelling argument in his favor). This isn't to be a bash session - no ad hominem attacks on the quarterbacks or each other. We can discuss anything, even a quarterback controversy, intelligently and civilly. So let's hear it: Losman or Edwards?