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Youth is Served: Bills to name Trent Edwards Starting QB

Edwards to start against BAL (Courtesy:

In a move that wasn't very difficult to see coming, reports are surfacing via ESPNews that the Bills will announce tomorrow that rookie Trent Edwards will start this week's contest against the Baltimore Ravens. Edwards, who has played well in place of an injured J.P. Losman since Week 3, gets the nod over Losman, who will now assume backup duties for the Bills. The decision ends weeks of quarterback controversy among the organization.

Edwards, who has completed nearly 70% of his passes in almost three full games since taking over for the injured Losman, has shown unusual poise and pocket awareness for a rookie quarterback. Drafted in the third round out of Stanford, Edwards enters Week 7 of the NFL season as the only rookie quarterback starting full-time in the league.

The move, if permanent, signals the end of the J.P. Losman Experiment in Buffalo. Losman, who enjoyed a moderately successful 2006 campaign in which he threw for 19 touchdowns, a QB rating of 85 and a 7-9 record in his first full season as a starter, struggled early this season in losses to the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers. The young veteran remains a team captain, and he is listed as probable on the team's injury report for the Ravens game this weekend.

A Plea to Dick Jauron
So, that's it. It's not official yet, but it seems about 99.9% likely that this story is true - it came from the Mouth of Mort, after all. Dick Jauron has made his decision - Edwards is the future at QB for this team. Now please, Coach: don't waffle on this decision.

Edwards is a rookie. He's going to struggle, as he's now in charge of leading a young team against a very tough schedule for 11 weeks. There are going to be growing pains. There are going to be fans who, when those struggles occur, will want to see Losman thrown back in for a quick fix. That's not the answer.

Please, please, please - remain steadfast, Coach. If Trent is your guy, make sure that he, JP and everyone else knows that he is. I would not be shocked to hear Jauron say "Trent will start this week against the Ravens", and refuse to elaborate on whether he'll start the remainder of the season. Don't do that, coach - that, like your handling of Losman, sends the wrong message.

If Trent is your guy, as this move indicates, make it known that he's really your guy. Start him for the rest of the season. Don't pull the classic move of flip-flopping quarterbacks in Buffalo. The only thing you need to say tomorrow, Coach, to satisfy Bills fans is that Trent is the starter for the rest of the 2007 season. That's it. Don't blow it.

I'm sure you all have thoughts on the decision, so let's hear them! Thanks to jwest529 for letting us know about the decision here first. Props, sir!