Bills interested in Toronto home game

Commence panicking?

As of now, the plans are to play an exhibition game in Toronto in '08 and a regular season game there in '09.  According to the article, this requires both county and state approval, and my completely uninformed stance is to assume that's a rubber-stamp situation.

For its part, the team says this isn't a first step toward relocation.  Of course, that means absolutely nothing - Ralph Wilson says the team's going nowhere as long as he's alive, and besides...what are they going to do, announce they're moving and play as lame ducks in Orchard Park for another five seasons?

For my part, I'm not really panicking, but I'm certainly uneasy about the whole thing.  The future of the team in Western New York shouldn't even be a question, and it sucks that we're even talking about this.

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