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Buffalo Bills interested in playing games in Toronto, per report

OK, quarterback isn't exactly "on" the docket for this week, seeing as a decision has already been made, but the Bills' official site is still reporting on the Trent Edwards decision. Today, the article outlines how Dick Jauron went about making the decision; here's a snippet:

"I try to think things all the way through for me, and then I try to reason if I've missed something," said Jauron. "And I don't know how you ever know that until you bounce it off other people. Not 20, but four or five and that's it and then go from there. That's what I normally do and this was not any different."

It's an interesting read, though it likely won't change anyone's opinions out there - even with the good quotes from Marv Levy factored in.

Kevin Everett, in issuing his first public statements since suffering a catastrophic spinal cord injury on Opening Day, made my day yesterday with his message:

"This week, with the assistance of a walker, I was able to take steps, and I have been able to move in my wheelchair, both of which are great triumphs for me. I maintain a positive attitude and feel fortunate every day that I am alive and well. I value and appreciate the unfailing support of my family, my friends, my doctors, and my fans."

We've said it before, but it bears repeating: this story is, simply put, miraculous. Congratulations, Kevin - keep up the good fight, sir. We're still pulling for you.

Reports surfaced today that the Bills may be interested in playing in Toronto - one pre-season game in 2008 and one regular season game in 2009, that is.

"The team hopes to capitalize on the increasing interest of fans in the Canadian market by playing a regular-season game in Toronto," the Bills announced in a release.

The Bills hope to play a preseason game at Toronto next summer, with plans to play a regular-season game as early as 2009. The games would be played at Rogers Center, a downtown stadium with a retractable roof that serves as home to baseball's Blue Jays and the Canadian Football League Argonauts.

Personally, I love this idea. Contrary to Rumblings user "thejamootz" (who provided some insightful thoughts while breaking the story here), I don't see this development as a future precursor to a permanent move to Toronto at all. In fact, it speaks volumes that the team came right out and said it wasn't a precursor - they seemed to sense that exact reaction forthcoming. If the Bills can milk a significant chunk of revenue out of the Canadian market, it will really help keep this team in Buffalo for longer than its current 5-year contract with Erie County may dictate. Stay tuned - this is a very, very interesting initiative by the Bills.

Be sure to check back into the site later on this evening - I'm working on a breakdown of the Baltimore Ravens; I hope it satisfies your football thirst after a week of politics within this organization.