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Bills Continue Roster Shuffling; Predictions and Rankings

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This has been a strange week for the Bills personnel-wise. From the looks of what the coaching staff has done with the roster over the past few days, it appears that the Bills are in serious "youth movement" mode. First, rookie Trent Edwards was named the team's starting quarterbacks (yeah, yeah, "this week", I know - we'll see how long that lasts). Now the team has rid itself of two more veterans, lost another player to injury and replaced them all with three players whose NFL experience is only a game or two more than mine.

Craig Nall was released again, temporarily leaving the Bills with just two quarterbacks. His roster spot was filled, however, by Gibran Hamdan, a QB who had been stashed on the Bills practice squad for the last few weeks. It may seem like the team shed a veteran for a young guy, but it's not very true - Nall doesn't have much game experience at this level, and he was never going to see the field. Hamdan is a developmental guy, but he comes at a cheaper price with a bit less baggage.

WR Peerless Price was (finally) placed on IR; he was replaced on the active roster by WR Justin Jenkins, a practice squad wideout who had a couple of strong pre-season showings earlier this fall. With just three healthy wideouts (Sam Aiken is still a bit hobbled), Jenkins has a good chance of suiting up for the Ravens game.

Another practice squad player, TE Derek Schouman, was activated to the roster earlier today. His elevation leaves the Bills with a whopping five tight ends for the Ravens game; DT Tim Anderson was released to make room for Schouman on the roster. Anderson, who hasn't seen much playing time this year except for on special teams, appeared to have fallen to the #5 DT spot behind Jason Jefferson and was expendable. It is a bit surprising, however, that the team cut him for another tight end. This move has "Copeland Bryan" written all over it (Bryan was brought into Buffalo after Week 1 and hasn't dressed for a game since).

Last week we started a little contest here, where each week Rumblings community members are encouraged to pick the week's NFL winners. We'll keep track of who's beating who, and whoever has the most correct picks at the end of the season will get... well, nothing but bragging rights. Maybe the title of "Guru"; we'll see. Picks are made without taking spread into consideration. Here's my Week 7 picks:

TEN over HOU; DET over TB; NO over ATL; BUF over BAL; NYG over SF; WAS over ARI; NE over MIA; OAK over KC; CIN over NYJ; DAL over MIN; PHI over CHI; SEA over STL; PIT over DEN; IND over JAX. Feel free to leave your picks as well!

With Week 7 NFL action set to begin tomorrow, let's take one last look at how the league stacks up currently by examining the SB Nation power rankings. After falling in at #27 last week, the Bills held steady at that position through their bye week. A win over Baltimore this weekend would do wonders in boosting that ranking, as the Ravens clock in at #8 overall. The full table can be reached by clicking "Read More".

Rank Team Record Rating Last Week
1 New England Patriots 6-0 1.27 1
2 Indianapolis Colts 5-0 1.87 2
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1 3.60 4
4 Green Bay Packers 5-1 5.27 5
5 Dallas Cowboys 5-1 5.67 3
6 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-1 6.93 6
7 New York Giants 4-2 8.67 12
8 Baltimore Ravens 4-2 9.60 10
9 Washington Redskins 3-2 10.73 8
10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-2 11.00 11
11 San Diego Chargers 3-3 11.07 13
12 Tennessee Titans 3-2 11.13 7
13 Seattle Seahawks 3-3 12.27 9
14 Carolina Panthers 4-2 13.07 17
15 Houston Texans 3-2 17.00 14
16 Detroit Lions 3-3 17.87 16
17 Arizona Cardinals 3-3 17.93 15
18 Cleveland Browns 3-3 18.40 23
19 Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 18.47 25
20 Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 19.47 22
21 Denver Broncos 2-3 19.60 19
22 Chicago Bears 2-4 20.93 18
23 Minnesota Vikings 2-3 22.27 26
24 San Francisco 49ers 2-3 22.67 21
25 Oakland Raiders 2-3 23.07 20
26 Cincinnati Bengals 1-4 25.73 24
27 Buffalo Bills 1-4 26.67 27
28 New Orleans Saints 1-4 27.40 30
29 New York Jets 1-5 27.60 28
30 Atlanta Falcons 1-4 28.60 29
31 Miami Dolphins 0-6 30.87 32
32 St. Louis Rams 0-6 31.33 31