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Trent Edwards Remains Starting QB in Buffalo

Edwards to make first road start (

After three starts and two wins, it was highly unlikely that Trent Edwards would be benched. That notion turned out to be extremely true, as the Bills' official site is reporting that Edwards will start at the Jets this coming Sunday. The rookie signal-caller, who this past Sunday picked up the biggest win of his career against a stellar Ravens defense, will make his first career road start this weekend.

This story is breaking in the same fashion as it did last Tuesday: the decision has been made, but we must still wait until tomorrow's media address by Dick Jauron to hear anything about the finality of this decision. Is J.P. Losman still hobbled by his sprained knee? Is it yet again a one-week decision, or have the coaches decided to move forward on a permanent basis with this decision?

I've said it before, and it bears repeating as often as it takes to see results: as long as this charade continues on a weekly basis, it will hurt this team in the long run. More importantly, it will hurt Edwards' development - if he performs poorly and he's pulled in favor of Losman, we're simply seeing a redux of exactly what happened to Losman here in Buffalo. Look how well that has turned out for Losman, whose predicament in Buffalo has been unfair essentially from Day One.

So pay attention to Dick Jauron's comments tomorrow as he addresses the media about the decision. It's time for him to man up and declare a permanent starter. If he is non-committal about anything beyond the Jets game, you have my permission to yell and scream all you like in this thread - I'll probably be right there with you.

Update [2007-10-23 19:18:48 by Brian Galliford]: Straight from Jauron's mouth (linked in the article above):

"We are naming Trent Edwards as our starting quarterback. I have spoken with both Trent and J.P. Losman and want to get the word out to our fans."

Hmm... is this, perhaps, what we've been waiting for? A permanent starter at the position? Feel free to speculate for now; we'll (hopefully) know officially tomorrow. Stay tuned...