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Buffalo Bills at New York Jets: Open Game Thread

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Update [2007-10-28 18:48:29 by Brian Galliford]: That's all she wrote. It wasn't close to being pretty at times, but a W is a W. Much more on this win later on this evening; I've got a bit of travel time in front of me for the time being. Go Bills!

Update [2007-10-28 18:39:23 by Brian Galliford]: After benching Pennington (too late) in favor of Kellen Clemens, the youngster is intercepted by Terrence McGee. Bills ball, 2-minute warning, first down. Ice time for a young team that seems to have finally closed out a game well. Stay tuned, one more update to come...

Update [2007-10-28 18:29:36 by Brian Galliford]: WHAT A CATCH! SF-M inexplicably goes long while trying to ice the game, and Losman's pass hangs a bit. But... Lee catches it between two defenders, stays on his feet, and it's an 85-yard touchdown. Less than four minutes remain. Huge play!

Update [2007-10-28 18:24:56 by Brian Galliford]: After a scary hit on Laveranues Coles (glad to see he's OK), the Bills force a punt. Ben Graham does his job well, however, so the Bills take over at their own three yard-line with 6 minutes remaining. Eat that clock... tick tock tick tock...

Update [2007-10-28 18:11:58 by Brian Galliford]: Behind a strong running game and a 19-yard pass from Losman to Evans (feels good to type that again), the Bills get far enough for a field goal. Will it be enough? The pressure is now squarely back on the shoulders of the defense. Keep an eye on the Jets' QB situation; it wouldn't shock me to see Pennington get the hook with the Jets headed into the wind.

Update [2007-10-28 18:3:31 by Brian Galliford]: End of the third. Jets have the ball near their own 30, third down. Edwards is back on the field, but it's still unclear if he'll be back in the lineup. Big fourth quarter; one positive for Buffalo - they're playing with the wind to their backs.

Update [2007-10-28 17:57:16 by Brian Galliford]: We're nearing the end of the third in a game ripe with offensive ineptitude. Big news here, however, as Trent Edwards has gone to the locker room. He's been replaced by J.P. Losman.

Update [2007-10-28 17:30:36 by Brian Galliford]: Second half is underway. The Bills appear to be getting good pressure on Pennington, but penalties (pointing at you, Mario Haggan) are hurting the Bills in terms of field position.

Update [2007-10-28 17:13:33 by Brian Galliford]: We've reached halftime at a merciful tie. Ugly, ugly, ugly game - bad play-calling on both sides, untimely turnovers... it's just not great to watch. The Bills need a strong defensive showing early in the second half, as the Jets open with the ball and a ground game that's working very well for them.

Update [2007-10-28 17:2:52 by Brian Galliford]: Like the Bills, the Jets' offense has a penchant for blowing up in the red zone - and they do just that, losing a fumble that's recovered by Chris Kelsay. We're under the 2-minute warning; it looks like Lynch is back from what they termed a hip injury as well.

Update [2007-10-28 16:47:37 by Brian Galliford]: Trent Edwards is picked off, and the Jets are in business again. Marshawn Lynch is headed to the locker room with an injury. My Internet connectivity is spotty at best. Nothing's going right at the moment.

Update [2007-10-28 16:34:44 by Brian Galliford]: The Jets roll off a methodical drive of their own, eating up a bunch of time themselves. A Kyle Williams sack stalls the drive in the red zone, however, and the Jets also settle for 3.

Update [2007-10-28 16:27:55 by Brian Galliford]: In a first quarter that barely lasted 20 real-time minutes, the Bills are clinging to a 3-point lead with the Jets driving. Buffalo's run defense appears to have regressed a bit in this one; let's see if they can hold the Jets to a field goal on this drive. That would be huge.

Update [2007-10-28 16:17:21 by Brian Galliford]: On the first drive of the game, the Bills take off over 10 minutes of game clock. But once again, Steve Fairchild-Mularkey bombs a drive in the red zone with a shovel pass call, and the Bills have to settle for 3.

Update [2007-10-28 16:5:52 by Brian Galliford]: We have kickoff! Buffalo will start with the ball. Let's go Bills!

I love game day. I especially love game days in which the Buffalo Bills aren't expected to be steamrolled in their upcoming football game. When the Bills take on the Jets in a couple of hours, however, I'll be anything but relaxed - this Jets team, through struggling, is not one to be taken lightly.

This is the official Rumblings open thread for the game - use it to discuss the game before, during and after its events. I'll be here throughout the contest, updating the front page and the comments section as the game unfolds, so I hope to be chatting live with some of you! If you'd like to chat but don't have an account, create one - it's free! Looking forward to this matchup. GO BILLS!