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Bills Place WR Peerless Price on IR

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In a story that literally came out of left field, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Peerless Price on Friday was placed on Injured Reserve, ending his 2007 season. This according to the official site. It appears that Price has an injured disc in his neck; due to the fact that he played the entirety of the Jets game and has been practicing recently, we can only assume he picked the injury up during practice. More details on the story as they become available.

Update [2007-10-5 14:8:4 by Brian Galliford]: The official site now has the full story up. Here's the crux:

Bills head coach Dick Jauron said it was his understanding that the disc problem was the result of a cumulative effect from the rigors of football. He called the loss of Price "unfortunate" as he confirmed that the veteran receiver will not return to the field this season.

"Luckily our trainers and our doctors caught it," said Jauron. "Early next week or some time before that we'll put him on injured reserve so he'll miss the rest of the year."

This loss is going to hurt, folks. Yes, I realize that Price, in his year-plus since coming back to town, has not been overly productive. But this hurts in terms of what it means to the rest of the team's receivers: both Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish, who are far better suited to the slot, will be forced into more prominent roles for the offense. That's good for their production, but bad for their ideal roles inside. Expect Sam Aiken to see a lot of time on the outside, especially in run downs. If the team does not sign a veteran to replace Price, expect the club to bring up either Justin Jenkins or Scott Mayle from the practice squad - it's not likely they'll play long with just four healthy wideouts.

One More Roster Move Today
It's now being reported directly from the team that a ninth Bill has been placed on IR - this time, it's expected, as LB Kevin Harrison's season ended today. DE Anthony Hargrove was placed on the active roster in Harrison's place, so it looks like he's a go for Monday Night. One last note: once Price is officially placed on IR, the Bills will once again have a roster spot open - and again, expect it to be filled by either a practice squad receiver or a low-priced vet.