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Bills/Cowboys: Blogging the Boys' Take

Blogging the Boys: SB Nation's Dallas Cowboys blog

Name the highest-scoring team in the NFL. No, surprisingly, it's not "38-per" New England - it's the Dallas Cowboys, whose 151 points in four games have made them the league's elite offense to date. Couple that offense with an up-and-coming defense, and you begin to see just how much potential the Cowboys have this season.

But does this team have any weaknesses? Of course they do - every team does. With us this morning is David Halprin, code name Grizz, of Blogging the Boys to shed some insight into the Cowboys' early-season success. Take it away, Grizz...

Tony Romo. The dude is ridiculous. As you look at his progression from 2006 to 2007, what has improved? Does the man have any weaknesses?

BTB: Once we benched him from holding the kicks there aren't many flaws in his game! Seriously though, one of the big improvements in Tony Romo's game has been ball security. Last year, Romo would sometimes take risks that would turn out to be bad choices and lead to turnovers. He was playing too loose with the football in the pocket and put it on the ground too often. He would occasionally make ill-advised passes because of the confidence he had in his arm. This year, he understands when to throw the ball the away or when to take what the defense gives you instead of forcing the issue. An improved offensive line has also been a help, he gets to spend more time in the pocket. Better ball security with his flair for making plays has made him a very good QB. Finding a weakness right now is tough because no team has exposed him this year.

Julius Jones: 51 carries, 3.5 yard average, one score. Marion Barber: 48 carries, 6.4 yard average, four scores. I know there are benefits to a two-back system, but is there any part of you that yearns for Barber to get the majority of the carries, and not vice versa?

BTB: This year Julius Jones and Marion Barber are splitting the carries 50/50, which is an improvement over the much bigger majority Julius got last year. Barber is the better back in terms of production and I'm glad to see that Wade Phillips is enhancing his role in the offense. I would be yearning for Barber to get more carries if the offense was struggling but so far we've managed to score points, a lot of points, in every game. So while I recognize that Barber is outperforming Jones in terms of production, I really don't have a problem with them splitting the carries because it's working. There's a school of thought that believes Barber's style of running could become less effective if he carries too many times and absorbs too many punishing hits. Sharing the carries keeps him fresh for goal line runs and to grind the clock out at the end of games.

Dallas' defense has surrendered 72 points in four games, but just 17 in the past two. Is the defense improving, or were the better numbers just the product of facing Rex Grossman and a battered Marc Bulger?

BTB: A combination of both. While not on the scale of the Bills, the Cowboys defense has suffered some prominent injuries. Starting NT Jason Ferguson was lost for the season in the first quarter of the first game. Starting CB Terence Newman was out for the first two games and has been working his way back into the defense and OLB Greg Ellis just played in his first game of the season this past week. So part of the improvement is getting healthy guys back. Another issue was the defense getting used to the new 3-4 scheme under Phillips which differs from the 3-4 defense under Parcells. They appear to be getting more comfortable in the new scheme. Along with that came turnovers. Our secondary has a boatload of interceptions.

But there is no denying we've played some weak offenses over the past couple of weeks and that has helped.

As a former Bills coach, we're very aware of what Wade Phillips is all about. What is your take on Wade as the Cowboys' head coach? Is he an improvement over Bill Parcells?

BTB: I would be very interested in what Bills fans think Wade Phillips is all about. All we know in Dallas is that he's come in and guided the team to a 4-0 start and we've looked very good winning those games. Wade was brought in for two specific reasons in my mind: To continue the 3-4 defense that our roster was geared to run and to lighten up an atmosphere that had become very heavy under Bill Parcells. Parcells' style only works over the long-term if you win big, and the Cowboys weren't doing that. Phillips' calm, laid-back demeanor is just what this team needed. So while you can argue he's an improvement over Parcells because of our hot start, I think it's more that it's a change from Parcells' style and that has energized the roster. We're thankful to Parcells for rebuilding our franchise and the roster but Phillips seems to be the right choice at the right time.And don't forget about new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett who has this offense running on rocket fuel.

Take off your starred silver helmet for a moment. Speaking objectively, if you were Dick Jauron, how would you attack the Cowboys and try to steal a victory on Monday Night?

BTB: Dallas has a tendency to start games slow on offense, so the opposing team needs to take advantage of that respite because once the Cowboys get their offense rolling it's hard to stop. Buffalo should be aggressive early in hopes of getting the Cowboys behind on the scoreboard; make them play catch-up and keep the crowd energized. CB Jacques Reeves, who has been filling in for Terence Newman, will continue to start because Newman has to replace Anthony Henry on the other side. Reeves has been OK but he will give up some catches. Try getting Lee Evans isolated on Reeves and take your shots. And at any time if you find SS Roy Williams in coverage, attack him.

On defense, it's a pick your poison situation. Last week the Rams concentrated heavily on WR Terrell Owens and TE Jason Witten, but the Cowboys responded by getting Patrick Crayton involved. Still, if you can slow Owens and Witten, you might be able to slow the offense. Also, getting Roscoe Parrish or Terrence McGee to score for you on special teams would help.

A huge thanks goes out to David Halprin for taking the time to answer some not-so-tough questions about his undefeated football team. Sheesh. If you're looking for Cowboys information, head on over to Blogging the Boys - nowhere on the Internet will you find better analysis of the Cowboys.