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Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys: Open Game Thread

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24 vs 25

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Update [2007-10-9 1:38:31 by Brian Galliford]: Only the Buffalo Bills. I don't need to recap it here - you all know what happened. It was an absolutely electric evening at The Ralph, and our young, big-hearted team still found a way to cough up the W. It hurts, but please note the lack of the term "let down" - very little about this performance was a let-down. Initial reactions to come ASAP. Thanks also to everyone stopping by this open thread; thanks, also, to the Cowboys fans who stopped by for acknowledging that this Bills team had your number this week. Give the Patriots hell, guys.

This is it. Monday Night Football is approaching, and with it comes the Bills' stiffest challenge to date in the young 2007 season: beat an undefeated Dallas Cowboys team on a national stage. We've analyzed, we've dissected and we've talked a little trash. It's time to put up or shut up for the young Bills, who will don their throwback uniforms and honor Thurman Thomas during tonight's festivities. Regardless of the outcome of the game, it should be a memorable experience.

I am lucky enough to count myself among the 73,000+ people who will be attending the game at Ralph Wilson Stadium this evening, so I'm leaving this thread in the very capable hands of Dock Ellis, who took care of business in last week's Jets game thread. So if you're looking to leave your thoughts on the game, or - better yet - chat with fellow Bills fans during the game, this is the place to do it. So sit back, enjoy your afternoon/evening and GO BILLS!