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Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: Open Game Thread

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Update [2007-11-11 16:16:14 by Brian Galliford]: They say timing is everything. It figures I'd get access to Buffalo Rumblings back right as Rian Lindell's game-winning field goal is going through the uprights. After struggling with the Dolphins (and networking issues) all afternoon, the Bills (and myself) have pulled through. This is a game the Bills should not have won - but, as the saying goes, a win is a win. Thanks to everyone who commented away during my unexpected absence, and thanks especially to David O for holding down the fort and taking care of the administrative issues. Good stuff from you guys, and good (fourth quarter) stuff from the Bills. Much more to come on the win later on this evening.

Another week, another huge game for the (dare I say it?) suddenly resurgent (I said it) Buffalo Bills. No matter your record, each week there is something to prove in the NFL. Buffalo has a lot to prove today - they're out to prove that they're not going to overlook an inferior, yet scary opponent. They're out to prove that they can win another division game on the road; they must prove that they can win the games they're supposed to win, as they've done for the past month-and-a-half. This, folks, is the most important game of the season to date for our beloved Bills.

So let's chat about it! This is the open thread to discuss all matters related to Bills/Dolphins. If you have an account and will be around during the game, leave a comment - I'll be live-blogging the game's events, so it will have the feel of a live chat. If you don't have an account, create one. Hope to see a bunch of you at kickoff. SQUISH THE FISH!