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Tuesday Morning Bills Press

It's going to be a busy morning for me, folks - so unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to get anything original up (read: get some things off my chest) until later this afternoon. For now, I offer you some of the more interesting articles I've read over the past couple of days:

Bills rookie RB Marshawn Lynch is hobbled by an ankle injury, and his prognosis is not certain for Sunday Night's showdown with the Patriots. Obviously I don't need to tell you how traumatic his absence would be for our offense; we'll be keeping a close eye on the rookie's chances of playing this Sunday. For now, Dick Jauron expressed some concern, while Lynch is "upbeat".

Ed Kilgore believes (and I agree) that J.P. Losman will start against New England. That doesn't mean Kilgore thinks Losman is the long-term answer, however - he makes the claim that the Bills spell "future" T-r-e-n-t. I tend to agree with him there, as well.

Can the Bills beat the Patriots? Apparently, they're upbeat about the opportunity. Chris Kelsay, however, didn't sound overly convincing:

"Obviously, we realize it's going to be tough," Kelsay said Monday. "But at the same time, we know that it's not impossible."

As is the status quo with Pats coach Bill Belichick, he's not taking the Bills for granted. The coach shared various glowing endorsements of the Bills this week:

"Defensively, they don't give up much," Belichick said. "They're playing very well early in the game. No one is really getting to them in the first quarter. [They] have a bunch of interceptions. [Aaron] Schobel [and] the front [line] is very active. [Angelo] Crowell in the linebacker group [is] fast. The corners are playing well. ... [They're a] dangerous team, an explosive team and we need a lot of work on them so I'm glad we have the extra time. We could certainly use it. We'll get back out there on the field today and start working on them. We'll hopefully be able to get ready to go by Sunday."

Who is he kidding? The words are flattering, but they're also empty - everyone knows he's out of his mind excited to face a defense that despite its stellar play of late still surrenders 360 yards per game.

Ah, realism - where would Bills fans be without it? Bob Matthews says no way do the Bills beat the Pats:

But beating New England is about as likely as Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning throwing six interceptions and Adam Vinatieri missing a potential game-winning chip-shot field goal in the same evening.

Hey, that happened, right? Oh, I get it, it's a pun... funny stuff. Look, I don't disagree with Matthews - beating New England is indeed a long shot - but at the same time, is an article like that really necessary? Does any intelligent Bills/NFL fan need to be reminded that the Pats are 9-0, Tom Brady is divine, Bill Belichick's brains are about to explode out his earholes and the Pats dominated us 38-7 earlier in the year? I know I recall those things. Articles like that suck the fun out of an atmosphere that is sure to be electric this coming Sunday Night. Talk the Bills up - they deserve it. No smart Bills fan will be completely let down if and when the Bills lose on Sunday.