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Bills Notes, a Lynch Update, and Community Props

We'll start with the props - hats off to y'all this week, especially some newcomers like buffalobill, sireric, krytime, Nick BensalemPA, etc. as well as some mainstays like Thronsen and Zumone - the conversation here, while heated, has been productive this week. It's good to see such chatter - heck, it's even good to see Pats guys like NotJohnHannah stop by! Keep it up - we've still got two more days til game day!

Interesting note on Marshawn Lynch: despite not practicing for the last three days, Dick Jauron still has not officially cleared Lynch as "out" for the Pats game (he's currently doubtful). Anyone get the feeling that Coach really, really, really wants the kid to play in this one? It's not likely to happen, but Jauron is obviously leaving the door open as long as he possibly can.

(By the way, Marshawn is Week 10's Rookie of the Week after his dominant fourth-quarter performance in Miami. It's his second such award this season, an honor he shares with Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe and 49ers LB Patrick Willis.)

Recall, if you're willing, Week 3: Patriots 38, Bills 7. Pats WR Randy Moss absolutely hoses cornerback Jabari Greer for two pretty touchdown grabs in the rout. Greer hasn't forgotten, but he's looking forward to the rematch:

"I recall that it was a very negative feeling in my stomach and in my soul. It wasn't fun," Greer said. "The biggest thing is just to finish because the person that finishes is the person that gets the reward. He finished and he was on SportsCenter, on USA Today and I was the guy that almost made it. You never want to be that guy. You always want to finish. You always want to believe in yourself and have the confidence that you can make those plays."

You have to feel for the guy: he's played great, and he's rewarded by being forced to cover Moss for the majority of Sunday Night's nationally televised contest. Can anyone say "safety help"?

Interesting read about Perry Fewell's ascending coaching status. You have to believe that if Fewell continues to get good performance despite all the shuffling he's endured on his roster, he'll get a few calls from teams looking for new head coaches. For the record, he deserves it. Also for the record, this quote got me re-pumped up about Sunday's game:

"I'm juiced," he says. "I'm ready to jump out of my skin in preparation. I think our players will be ready to play. This is what you coach for. You get a chance to go against arguably the best coach in the NFL (Bill Belichick), and he has one of the best quarterbacks, one of the best receivers (Randy Moss), and you get to see if you can go out and upset them."

Fewell's optimism is contagious. His players definitely have caught it and overachieved much of the season. "We believe in him," DiGiorgio says. "He puts us in position to succeed."

Oh, and one more quote that's got me pumped up for the Pats game. This one comes via Aaron Schobel (via this AP article):

"Any time you start winning games, you get the feeling that we're going to find a way to win instead of find a way to lose," defensive end Aaron Schobel said. "We can't let them beat us mentally. We've got to believe we can win. We've got to execute and see what the hell happens."

I've not been a huge fan of Schobel - for the money he makes and the production he gives both on the field and in the locker room, he's not giving the Bills much bang for their buck. But he's always given the media a "shove off" attitude, and it's produced some good quotes. This one got my blood pumping.

I know some of you are year-round draftniks, so I wanted to share what I thought was an interesting pick I've seen recently in an incredibly early draft simulation. Draft Tek did the honors; their selection for Buffalo? Another Cal Bear: WR DeSean Jackson. Discuss.