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Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots: Open Game Thread

10 vs 56

Pats Pulpit :: Game Preview

Update [2007-11-18 23:50:59 by Brian Galliford]: So. Apparently when I said "back to respectability", I meant "suffer the worst loss in franchise history". There is no respectability - only reality. These Bills, despite their previous win streak, aren't close to ready to contend. That lesson was learned tonight. I'll have a "recap" up shortly; anyone up for moving onto the Jags?

This is it. Tonight, the Buffalo Bills get the opportunity to see how they measure up against the league's (current) best team, the 9-0 New England Patriots. It's an opportunity for the young Bills to play harder than they've played all year; it's the time to prove on a national stage that, win or lose, the Bills are once again back to respectability. One way or the other, we're going to learn a lot about the talent, preparedness and mettle of this Bills team tonight.

Don those Bills colors and support your team harder than ever tonight, folks. If you're lucky enough to be at the stadium, you'd better not be able to speak tomorrow. If you're watching Madden-style, this is the spot to break down the game as it plays out - and if you don't have an account to do so, just create a free one.

Game on. Go Bills.