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Bills Notes: R.I.P. Ringo

Former Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Jim Ringo - one of the league's most dominant centers of all-time, and responsible for the famous 'Electric Company' line that paved the way for O.J. Simpson in the '70s - has passed away at the age of 75. R.I.P., Jim - thanks for the fond memories in Buffalo.

This one's for you, Kurupt - Connor Byrne, a favorite of ours here at Rumblings, has dubbed Aaron Schobel the $50 million mistake. How true that is - I had a problem with Schobel's extension back in August before the ink was dry. Fun stat: for each sack that Schobel has accrued this season, he's earned $8.4 million guaranteed. Lovely - and as Kurupt has alluded to many times, the contracts that he and Chris Kelsay share will hamstring the Bills for quite a while. That's easily the biggest mistake Marv Levy has made as a GM here in Buffalo.

Jim Kelly: the Bills aren't going anywhere. WGR 550 has the quote, and as is usual with Kelly, he's swinging for the fences:

"As fans of the Buffalo Bills, we talk about community. That's one of the reasons I stayed in Buffalo NY, is because of the people. That's why Thurman moved back to the area. My wife is from here, Thurman's wife is from here, Patti. We guarantee you - and I not only mean me, but Steve Tasker who lives here also but Thurman Thomas - he moved back here. We will make sure, we can almost guarantee that the Buffalo Bills will never leave Western New York."

Well done, Jim. Hope you can deliver on that puppy.

Our friend River City Rage from Big Cat Country (whom we will be interviewing later this week) is a little nervous about some injuries on D for his Jags:

I knew that I was feeling too good about the win. I was thinking all sorts of positive things about what it means for the future, etc.

And then I see this.

With Mike Peterson and potentially Rashean Mathis joining Marcus Stroud on the inactive list this week, Jacksonville's defense is not looking nearly as scary as it could have. Of course, if the Bills don't have Marshawn Lynch for this contest, Jack Del Rio himself could play linebacker and stop Anthony Thomas. Get healthy quick, rook...