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Happy Thanksgiving from Buffalo Rumblings!

Turkey is so cliche. Plus, I just like pie better.

Mmm... Turkey Day. What more can any football-loving American citizen ask for? Tons of delicious food, a couch (or other comfortable piece of furniture), and a mix of good football to watch (Packers at Lions) and boring football to sleep to (Jets at Cowboys, Colts at Falcons). It's one of America's great traditions, and I fully plan on indulging in it today - and so should you. Therefore, we'll put the Bills bashing on hold and enjoy this national holiday before getting back to business early tomorrow morning.

A few "thanks" I'd like to pass out - first, to the brave men and women fighting for my right to pass out at the dinner table today, thank you. Second, to the Detroit Lions, for finally making the early Turkey Day game worth watching. Third, to our Buffalo Bills, for still being in the hunt at this juncture of the season; and fourth, to you all for taking the time each day to stop by Buffalo Rumblings.

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!