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Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: Open Game Thread

14 at 36

Final Score
Big Cat Country :: Game Preview

Update [2007-11-25 16:18:27 by Brian Galliford]: That's all she wrote. Thanks to everyone who stopped by what turned out to be an active, excellent open thread today. Full analysis of this loss coming later on this evening.

Update [2007-11-25 16:8:2 by Brian Galliford]: After another failure by Losman and the offense, the Jags add another insurance TD on a jaunt by Maurice Jones-Drew. Flood gates open; sub-.500 to commence in 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Update [2007-11-25 15:59:32 by Brian Galliford]: Buffalo's offense has two opportunities to tie the score but fall short twice; then their Cover-2 defense is exploited for a long, back-breaking touchdown reception by Reggie Williams. Game, set, match.

Update [2007-11-25 15:33:3 by Brian Galliford]: Luckily for the Bills, Matt Jones puts as much effort into a fade route as our defense has put to stopping Fred Taylor today. We hold the Jags to a field goal, and it's still a one score game with plenty of time remaining.

Update [2007-11-25 15:28:11 by Brian Galliford]: End of the third quarter, and the Jags have used two long pass completions to move deep into Bills territory. The pressure is on big-time for a defense that hasn't played well today.

Update [2007-11-25 15:20:1 by Brian Galliford]: Touchdown Bills! After recovering a fumbled punt by the Jags, the Bills convert a fourth-and-one, then hand it off to Roscoe Parrish on a reverse, who houses it. The Bills are 100% in this game; the defense needs a big stop here.

Update [2007-11-25 15:0:49 by Brian Galliford]: The Jags waste 7 minutes of game clock on a methodical opening-half drive that ends in another field goal. Down 12, Buffalo's offense needs to abandon all pretense and fire away. Now.

Update [2007-11-25 14:47:1 by Brian Galliford]: Second half is underway. Let's go, defense!

Update [2007-11-25 14:31:43 by Brian Galliford]: After some solid D by the Bills, a J.P. Losman fumble sets up Jacksonville's third field goal of the half. We're 4 seconds away from halftime; lots of pressure on the Bills' D right now due to turnovers.

Update [2007-11-25 13:59:47 by Brian Galliford]: A-Train! An incredible effort by Anthony Thomas on a dump-off pass gets the Bills into the end zone, and suddenly we have a football game again. 6 minutes left in the quarter.

Update [2007-11-25 13:47:53 by Brian Galliford]: Jacksonville continues to dictate the tempo of the game, and after an interception of J.P. Losman, they kick another field goal. The Bills need to make a radical change quickly - not in terms of personnel, but in terms of their approach. Clearly, nothing is working right now.

Update [2007-11-25 13:31:34 by Brian Galliford]: Buffalo's defense continues to struggle on third down - they do, however, stop the Jags before they can rack up another touchdown. Scobee good from 46; Jags have a 10-point lead. It's now or never for Losman, who has looked very mediocre to this point.

Update [2007-11-25 13:14:59 by Brian Galliford]: Classic. A penalty negates a defensive stop, and on the very next play, Fred Taylor houses it from midfield. For the third consecutive week, the Bills are getting out-coached early.

Update [2007-11-25 13:9:51 by Brian Galliford]: Sorry I'm late, folks. We're underway - GO BILLS!

It's game day once again, Bills fans, and as is the status quo when it comes to the NFL, this week's matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars marks Buffalo's most important game of the season to date. With huge playoff implications at stake and minus star running back Marshawn Lynch, the Bills must find a way to win on the road against a very tough Jags team if they hope to keep those playoff aspirations alive.

Barring wacky Internet connectivity issues (as I experienced two weeks ago when the Bills were in Miami), I'll be live and active during the game, updating this thread with score, in-game and comment updates. This is your spot to do the same - the open game thread. If you have an account, I hope to see a bunch of you talking about the game while I'm around; if you don't have an account, you're more than welcome to create a free one and join in the discussion. Go Bills!