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Tuesday Morning Bills Notes

It's the popular Bills story, and everyone is still talking about the benching of Losman. Leo Roth and Sal Maiorana ask whether it's the right move. Their (paraphrased) response: uh, yeah.

I'm getting to the point where talking about the quarterbacks, and particularly talking about Losman's shortcomings, is irritating. It would be fine to bash Losman if he was still the starter, but he's not. We should be reading/talking about Trent Edwards, people - you know, Buffalo's starting quarterback. But no - it's all anti-Losman. Anybody else disgusted by it yet?

The Bills came out of Sunday's loss in Jacksonville banged up. DE Chris Kelsay has an ankle problem that will likely keep him out of this Sunday's Redskins game; Coy Wire and Ryan Denney also sustained injuries, though both should play Sunday. Offensively, RT Langston Walker injured his right elbow but is expected to play Sunday, while RB Anthony Thomas may be relegated to spot duty in the backfield thanks to the calf injury he suffered. (Good, I say. The Bills have two backs who are better than the A-Train.) Of course, the biggest injury still remains...

RB Marshawn Lynch. Dick Jauron is, once again, not optimistic about the rookie's chances of playing this weekend.

"Marshawn, we're not optimistic again," said Jauron. "He's now doing some running and some cutting, but nothing like full speed playing."

I'll put the motion forward now: if Lynch is unable to play, Fred Jackson should get the majority of the work at running back. Of the three runners on the roster (Jackson, A-Train and Dwayne Wright), Jackson has the most versatile skill set and, far more importantly, he runs with a purpose. If there's a spark to be found for this Bills offense with Lynch on the sideline, Fred Jackson is that spark.

The Buffalo News talks about Lee "Houdini" Evans. From the horse's mouth:

"They did a good job of not giving up big plays," Evans said. "They stayed pretty deep and when we checked down they did a good job of rallying to the ball. You take your hats off to them for doing a good job. All that said, we still had opportunities to do some things and we didn't take advantage of them."

No, Lee. You didn't take advantage of the opportunities. J.P. Losman had a career-high 27 completions in the game. Thomas, Jackson, Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish combined for 23 of them. You had two, for 19 worthless yards, on the last drive of the game - and the Jags were missing their best cornerback. This proves Evans' ultimate shortcoming: he's not an elite receiver because he can't make things happen by himself. When he asks the Bills to pay him like an elite receiver, we have to say no. We said yes to Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay, who pretended to be elite ends, but a third illusion of greatness will financially cripple this team for a very long time.