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Dick Jauron Wednesday Press Conference: 11/28

On the tragic loss of Redskins S Sean Taylor:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and teammates, and the whole Redskins organization. It's a terrible tragedy; there's not a whole lot else to say about it, it leaves you almost speechless."
"They all are pros, on both sides of the ball... this is what they do, this is what Sean Taylor loved to do. You could see it on tape, he loved to play this game. They've all chosen this as their profession. I think it'll be a highly competitive game, I think it'll be a tough game."
"The NFL, for me, has always been a very special place... it is to some degree a close fraternity. People have a lot of pride, they are very competitive, but we all understand each other pretty much. So it effects everybody in our business."

On the progress of injured RB Marshawn Lynch:

"He's ahead of the schedule that we've set for him. We'll continue to advance him and see how much he can tolerate and how much he tolerates tomorrow. That being said I'm not optimistic for this week."

On the status of injured RB Anthony Thomas:

"It's a different injury than they normally see, so they don't really know what to tell him or what to tell us. They wanted to wait 48 hours and see where it was. I would say we're not overly optimistic with Anthony."

On the role of RB Fred Jackson:

"Fred sure got an expanded role last week and he played well in that role, and he played well in his limited role against the Patriots."

On quarterbacks Trent Edwards and J.P. Losman:

"He's probably not quite where he would have been (had he continued starting). I think he's back to where he was health-wise. It would have been better for any quarterback to play continually through that time, but we're optimistic, we're positive about it. And once again, I must say my hat's off to J.P., because it's not easy for him, and he handles it very well."

On whether or not his team's youth makes it difficult to end a losing streak:

"I would say to some degree it is, there's no sense pretending that it's not. They do, however, like to play. They go out and play hard; we don't always play as smart as we'd like, we don't always play as well as we'd like or execute to the level that they would like or we as coaches would like them to. We don't have any problems with their effort... we've just got to get our concentration right and our focus right every day in practice, and get a little more consistent and a little more detailed."

On the 2007 play of former Buffalo LB London Fletcher:

"He's played at a high level. It's not a surprise, wherever London has been throughout his career he's played at a very high level and been a leader, and he looks like the same guy to me."