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Mocking the Draft: for all you Draftniks Out There

Mocking the Draft: SB Nation's NFL Draft blog

If you've joined this site since April (and since we launched in April, that'd be about 95% of you), you may have missed the coolest production of all-time: this past April was the first ever SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, in which each writer for the respective NFL blogs played GM and drafted the first three rounds for their team. Acting as Marv Levy this past April, I traded up to select Patrick Willis, then went with Antonio Pittman and Quincy Black in subsequent rounds. (To see the entire draft - Round 1 :: Round 2 :: Round 3)

This fabulous production, which turned out to be a great talking point for nerdy draftniks such as myself, was hosted at Field Gulls, and by and large was a wild success. This season, however, it's going to be even larger and even cooler. How so, you ask?

SB Nation has just launched its very own mock draft blog.

That's right. If you make Buffalo Rumblings your one-stop shop, you should expand it to a two-stopper and add Mocking the Draft to your blogroll. Matt Miller (who joins the Nation by way of New Era Scouting) is your host, and he'll be a busy guy over the next few months. Matt's plans are to provide the best draft coverage and to generate mocks and rankings, so it literally should become one of the premiere mock draft sites available.

So if you're a draftnik like myself, head over to Mocking the Draft, say hey to Matt and get your fill of the NFL Draft! Welcome to the Nation, Matt!