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Defining Moment, Week 9: Marshawn Lynch

As part of Samsung's "Defining Moments of the Weekend" campaign, several of SB Nation's football blogs are asked each week to submit the "Defining Moment" from any NFL game they'd seen over the weekend. Naturally, with the Bills victorious yesterday, I chose to write about the defining moment from yesterday: Marshawn Lynch's 56-yard touchdown. The great part about this initiative is that fans like you and I can visit the site, vote up our favorite Defining Moments and even submit our own.

So that's what I'm inviting you all to do - check out my Defining Moment, vote it up, and write up your own if you'd like. Also, make sure to check out the rest of the Defining Moments submitted by the writers of SB Nation!

In the event that you'd rather stay in the comforts of this site, here's the write-up:

What was the defining moment from Sunday's Bills/Bengals contest? Look no further than the 56-yard, game-clinching scamper by Bills rookie runner Marshawn Lynch. The NFL's best rookie not named Peterson, Lynch enjoyed a breakout performance yesterday, rushing for 153 yards and a score. Oh - he also threw Buffalo's game-winning touchdown pass to Robert Royal. Buffalo may have found the answer to their QB dilemma.

Though the record-breaking Adrian Peterson has overshadowed him, the impact that Lynch has had as a rookie should not be overlooked. Marshawn is currently the fourth-leading rusher in the NFL, amassing 690 yards over his first eight professional games. Yes, that's more yardage than LaDainian Tomlinson has this season. To boot, he's scored all 5 of Buffalo's rushing touchdowns, and accounts for one of the Bills' four aerial scores as well. Peterson has been great, but Lynch may actually be more valuable to his team.

Defining moment: this week, it belongs to the rookie. Years from now, we may look back at that 56-yard jaunt as the first of many defining moments for Marshawn Lynch.

An advanced thanks to anyone who votes up this week's Defining Moments! And by the way, if you're lucky enough to have access to NFL Network and aren't busy at 7PM (Eastern), the Bills/Bengals game will re-air at that point in a 90-minute presentation of awesome. Enjoy!