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Dick Jauron Press Conference: 11/7/07

Bills head coach Dick Jauron addressed the media yesterday, providing injury updates and answering questions regarding everything from quarterbacks to leadership to playoffs. Here are the highlights:

On why J.P. Losman is starting at QB:

"J.P.'s performance was a big factor. There's no need or reason to talk around that and then the injuries are always a factor. They're a factor in all of our decisions. They've been a big factor in the changes to this point."

On whether Losman's appointment was permanent:

"I think we'll just keep moving along here and hopefully we won't change a lot. But we don't know. We don't know the answer to that. Again, it's not like we're looking for a quarterback. We feel like we have at least two that we think can play and hopefully win in this league."

On Trent Edwards' progress recovering from wrist injury:

"Last week he couldn't really grip a football. This week he can grip it and throw it. He participated on a limited basis. He threw the ball pretty well. He's not back to where he needs to be to participate, probably, to play in a game."

On whether the play-calling is different when the QB switches:

"The quarterbacks will see things differently... but the play-calling has not changed significantly."

On the prospect of the Bills making the playoffs:

"We know there's a long way to go, there's a lot of football in front of us. But those guys deserve a lot of credit... for fighting their way back to .500. It does not get any easier... You just have to keep fighting every week."

On the team's leadership:

"They seem to be moving in the same direction most of the time. They like each other, they work hard... it's good."

On the team's defensive tackles, J. McCargo and K. Williams:

"John has gone through a lot. We do believe there's a lot more upside with John. He's got the physique you're looking for with quickness to go with it."

"(Kyle) probably doesn't get enough credit for his athleticism, he's very athletic."

On the Miami Dolphins:

"We're very familiar with Miami, and we're certainly familiar with them this year... they've lost four games by a field goal in each case. They're capable of beating anybody and they're certainly capable of beating us."

On Bill Belichick prepping for Buffalo after a bye week for the last four years:

"He doesn't need three weeks, does he?"


Did Not Practice: TE Derek Schouman (ankle), WR Roscoe Parrish (thigh), LB John DiGiorgio (head)
Limited in Practice: QB Trent Edwards (wrist), LB Leon Joe (back)
Full Practice Participation: CB Ashton Youboty (ankle)