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Playoffs?! Who Bills Fans should Root For: Week 15

First, a classic moment that will forever live in infamy in NFL lore, and responsible for part of this morning's headline:

You may not like Dick Jauron, folks, but hey - at least he's not crazy. In fact, I'd even venture to say that someday, far off into the future, Jauron would likely make a far less crappy NFL analyst than Mora, too.

Onto what truly matters here - the Bills, and more specifically, their playoff chances. Most of you are probably aware of what needs to happen in the season's final three weeks if the Bills hope to sneak in. Our good buddy jri111 does a great job of keeping us informed in that regard. But what would this weekend's dream scenario be for Buffalo? Read on:

Buffalo (7-6) at Cleveland (8-5)
I think this one's pretty obvious. We'll have much more on this game in the coming days. Folks, I can't stress this enough: this game has the potential to be one of the best games in recent memory for our Bills, no matter the outcome.

Tennessee (7-6) at Kansas City (4-9)
Tennessee holds tie-breakers over both Buffalo and Cleveland should the three end the season with identical records; therefore, it's obvious that the Titans need to lose one of their last three games - and they don't exactly have a tough schedule (including a Week 17 game against the going-to-be-resting-their-starters Colts). This may be the best chance for the Titans to slip up; of course, Arrowhead hasn't exactly been friendly to the Chiefs this season (2-5 in their own stadium). Can Brodie Croyle channel the spirit of Joe Montana? Cross your fingers. Go Chiefs.

Denver (6-7) at Houston (6-7)
Denver has a stellar record against the AFC, and they hold a tie-breaker over the Bills thanks to their last-minute victory in Week One. Houston is the fourth team from the AFC South making a run at the playoffs - that's quite the division they have over there; Houston is just 3-6 against the AFC, however. A Houston win hurts less than a Denver win; go Texans.

Jacksonville (9-4) at Pittsburgh (9-4)
Other than the Bills/Browns game (duh), this may be the most intriguing matchup of the weekend. Jacksonville has all but locked up a wild card spot, while the Steelers are looking at the 3 seed after being embarrassed by the Patriots last week. What we don't want, however, is Cleveland thinking that they can win the AFC North - if they do that, Buffalo's playoff chances are shot. Jacksonville's pretty well set, so a loss won't hurt them too badly - and it doesn't really help or hurt Buffalo. Go Steelers.

Indianapolis (11-2) at Oakland (4-9)
At first glance, this game doesn't seem to have much to do with Buffalo. But if Pittsburgh indeed wins, it will keep the pressure on Indy to win to ensure that they get a first-round bye. That pressure will double if they lose to the Raiders, and it will force them to keep their starters in for the season finale against the Titans. Now it has implications for Buffalo. Go Raiders.

Detroit (6-7) at San Diego (8-5)
San Diego needs to win the AFC West outright to keep the Broncos from clawing their way in. Remember, Denver has a tie-breaker over Buffalo. Go Chargers.

NY Jets (3-10) at New England (13-0)
This has nothing to do with the Bills. Absolutely nothing. Just... go Jets.

If That All Happened
Well, for one, it'd be a bit chilly down south; for two, the standings would look like this in the AFC:

Division Winners: New England (13-1), Indianapolis (11-3), Pittsburgh (10-4), San Diego (9-5)
Wild Card: Jacksonville (9-5), Buffalo (8-6)
Still Chasing: Cleveland (8-6), Tennessee (7-7), Houston (7-7), Denver (6-8)

Boy, that looks sweet. Pray to the football gods, Bills fans.