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Friday Morning Bills Notes

Ahh, final exams. No week ever, in the entire 22 years of my life, has been as stressfully eventful as this one. I'm going to be up to my ears in college garbage until later on this afternoon (and potentially this evening); for now, here's a couple of tidbits to hold you over until tonight's discussion of the Browns:

Where does Trent Edwards rank amongst the NFL's quarterbacks? According to Scouts, Inc., he's already #28 on that list:

Edwards has the inside track now to be Buffalo's quarterback of the future. While the Bills are very conservative with their play calling when Edwards is behind center, the rookie is efficient and mature beyond his experience. He throws the ball well and is very bright. He spreads the ball around well and doesn't lock on to one receiver.

This is an interesting list; Edwards already ranks ahead of big names such as Alex Smith, Steve McNair and Daunte Culpepper. (He'd better - those guys just aren't very good.)

J.P. Losman, for the record, checks in at #34 on this list of the NFL's top 64 signal-callers.

In case you missed the Sports Illustrated piece on Kevin Everett, check it out: it's a must-read.

Adam Schein of FOX Sports had some high praise of Dick Jauron:

The savvy, universally respected and always-honest Jauron is a brilliant leader of men. He gets players to play hard. As a former great player, he understands their needs. As a Yale graduate, Jauron uses his knowledge to put his players in a position to succeed. Calling a season total overachievement is the best thing you can ever say about a coach. His demeanor and his quest for his players to work hard and respect the game doesn't change. Jauron's consistency is a strength.

Finally, it's great to see someone respect Jauron for what he brings to the table. You can nit-pick about Jauron's decision-making all you want (we've done it plenty here), but the characteristics that Schein describes throughout his article are proof in the pudding that Jauron is the right coach to be leading this organization. Even if this team doesn't make the playoffs this season, don't jump ship on this coach - he'll be entering Year Three of the rebuilding plan that he and Marv Levy laid out, and the direction of the franchise is most certainly up.

I don't know about you, but respectful articles like Schein's are getting me absolutely jacked out of my mind to watch the big game this Sunday. I can't wait. We'll talk about our opponent in that big game this evening.