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Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns: Open Game Thread

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Update [2007-12-16 16:1:31 by Brian Galliford]: It was too good to be true. Trent Edwards mounts a furious last-minute drive that gets to the Browns' 10 yard-line, but a screen pass on fourth down doesn't convert, and Buffalo's season is over. No playoffs. It was nice to see the team never gave up, but nonetheless, it's Buffalo's first shut-out since 2003. Let's get a couple of wins to close with a winning record, boys.

Update [2007-12-16 15:48:10 by Brian Galliford]: We've reached the two-minute warning, and the second half stalemate continues. Cleveland has a 4th and 1 coming up, and the Bills are out of timeouts. If the Browns are able to convert, that's the ballgame.

Update [2007-12-16 15:14:31 by Brian Galliford]: A stalemate of a third quarter ends, and the Bills still find themselves down a score and a 2-point conversion. They have the ball at their own 40; they've got 15 minutes to make a statement. Let's go, Bills.

Update [2007-12-16 14:38:17 by Brian Galliford]: The second half is underway; let's see what sort of creative prowess our offense shows early in this half as they try to scramble back into the game.

Update [2007-12-16 14:25:43 by Brian Galliford]: Cleveland takes an 8-0 lead into the locker room. The Browns are clearly better built for this type of weather, and they've dominated to this point. I'm not sure if the Bills can score in this one, let alone come back to win. They say that weather is the great equalizer; there was nothing "equal" about that first half. Cleveland is playing very well.

Update [2007-12-16 14:21:28 by Brian Galliford]: Unbelievable. Phil Dawson doinks a 48-yard field goal off the cross-bar and through the uprights. You get the sense that these Browns are a team of destiny. The Bills still have a fighting chance, however. Emphasis on the word "fighting".

Update [2007-12-16 13:46:52 by Brian Galliford]: Browns 3, Weather 2, Bills 0. A long snap sails over Brian Moorman's head, and the heady vet, rather than risk 7 points, kicks it out of the end zone. 5-0 Cleveland. We have to find something offensively.

Update [2007-12-16 13:41:50 by Brian Galliford]: The first quarter is in the books, and this one is one of the most entertaining ball games I've seen in a while. Big plays on both sides; Cleveland has a couple more, however, and a 3-0 lead. Bills will have the ball to start the second.

Update [2007-12-16 13:23:28 by Brian Galliford]: This is going to be a tough one offensively. The Browns aren't getting much accomplished via the run, but a big play by Joe Jurevicius and a screen to Jamal Lewis nets the first points of the day. Even Phil Dawson's 35-yard field goal looked difficult.

Update [2007-12-16 13:3:37 by Brian Galliford]: The weather is awesome, the stakes are high, and the game is underway. Cleveland will start with the ball; D up, Buffalo.

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Opportunity is knocking on the door of the Buffalo Bills organization. The odds are long - and they have been all season - yet somehow, the Bills still have an opportunity to win their biggest game since 2004. There's no respect for this team, at least when it comes to this game - it literally seems like everyone is picking the Browns to win. Should we be surprised, then, that Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature is leading the bandwagon?

The Bills have only scored more than 19 points three times this season. In all three instances in which that occurred -- against Dallas, Cincinnati, and Miami -- the games were at home for Buffalo. The Browns' defense has gotten a little better, but when Buffalo scores 3, 7, 13, 13, 14, and 17 points on the road, there is no way they'll be able to match the 26 points per game the Browns are averaging. Buffalo's defense may be "good", but the Browns are scoring that many points against the Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, and any defense that is thrown our way. Final score: Cleveland Browns 28, Buffalo Bills 17.

In the end, the pundits may end up being right. But the end hasn't arrived yet; the beginning is at 1:00 PM. Join me in our game day open thread (create a free account), and if the Bills come out on top, we'll be able to say we stood alone as Billievers.