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Sunday's Bad Luck Continues for Bills

Great job, Buffalo Rumblings community! I apologize for the lack of fresh reading material this morning; I had my last final exam of the semester this morning, and then spent the mid-portion of the day packing up and getting out of college for a month. I've got an article coming later on this evening - but first, I'm leaving to celebrate my dear mother's (Mama G in these parts) birthday. Here's some reading material for y'all in the meantime - and thanks for holding down the fort with the discussions today.

You know you're emerging from a snake-bit weekend when, after your playoff hopes are dashed, your plane gets stuck on the way home. Are you kidding me? Buffalo couldn't catch a break during Sunday's loss to Cleveland, and then they can't catch a break in the airport afterwards? Unbelievable.

Get all the bad luck out, boys - we want a win this weekend against the Giants.

The Buffalo News has some good quotes from Sunday's loss:

LB Angelo Crowell: "It hurts," said Bills linebacker Angelo Crowell. "It was right there for us. We were in the driver's seat and controlled our own destiny. We just had to win today. We didn't get the job done."

DE Chris Kelsay: "It's most disappointing," said defensive end Chris Kelsay. "We just didn't play well enough to get a win today."

Dick Jauron on the final screen pass: "If you think they're going to pressure, then it's a good call," said Bills coach Dick Jauron. "The screen had been a good call all day."

Bills GM Marv Levy is happy that the Bills struck a quick accord with WR Roscoe Parrish:

"We're delighted that we came to an agreement right now," said Bills general manager Marv Levy. "I really feel some of our best signings have been our own. Aaron Schobel, Jason Peters, (Ryan) Denney, (Chris) Kelsay, and I think Roscoe does have unique talent. He's a game changer and I think you're going to see considerable upside in him as a receiver, particularly in three and four-receiver sets."

I can't help but agree with Levy's final sentiment. Parrish is one of the most unique players in the NFL, and if the Bills can find a couple of bigger targets at WR and TE in the off-season (man, would I love to see the team draft Martin Rucker), Parrish will become even more effective. I'm glad he's re-signed; he's a great special teams presence and should only continue to grow as a receiver. (Figuratively; I think Roscoe, literally, is done growing.)