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Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football League Update

This poster awaits the winner (

A week ago today, we announced that the winner (and loser) of the official Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football league would be awarded fabulous prizes for their efforts. I then went on to make predictions as to who exactly would be receiving said honors.

The results from the weekend's semi-final contests are in. Here's a recap:

(4) The Illegit McGahees (8-6): 110.6
(1) CircleTheWagons (11-3): 76.8

- I'm proud to say that I predicted that the league's top dog would go down in this contest. Despite getting just 3.5 points from Tom Brady, the victors (headed up by krukow) got stalwart efforts from Marques Colston, Aaron Stecker and the Tampa Bay defense (70.5 points from those three sources alone) in an easy victory.

CircleTheWagons ends the season 11-4, and despite a strong regular season, will only be playing for third place this weekend. The RB combination of Brian Westbrook and Frank Gore played well, but jri111 didn't get any help from Derek Anderson, Joey Galloway, Antonio Gates or Marion Barber III (10.2 combined points) in his crippling defeat.

(2) Kurupt for now (9-5): 160.9
(3) labill (9-5): 106.4

- One out of two ain't bad. Last week, I predicted labill would guide his club to an "upset" win; Kurupt, however, had much different plans. Rarely do you see a day as productive as the day Kurupt enjoyed; his roster provided double-digit scoring from eight sources (K. Warner, B. Marshall, S. Jackson, E. Graham, T. Scheffler, F. Taylor, R. Bironas, New England's defense).

That strong production made even the Monday Night comeback threat of Adrian Peterson (the Vikings model) moot for labill. Our resident left coaster had the most talented roster in the league, but was a victim of circumstance this weekend. He'll face off against CircleTheWagons for third place glory this weekend.

Which sets up the championship game:

(4) The Illegit McGahees (9-6) vs. (2) Kurupt for now (10-5)

It's an unlikely championship game, but the unlikely has become reality. Kurupt and krukow are already talking smack:

Kurupt for now: "Be concerned, be very concerned"
The Illegit McGahees: "Yeah, I'm not worried at all."

The McGahees are currently 9-point favorites in the finale, but nothing is ever certain in fantasy sports. Key players for the McGahees include Tom Brady (vs. MIA), Willie Parker (@ StL) and Tampa's defense (@ SF); Kurupt will counter with Fred Taylor (vs. OAK), Earnest Graham (@ SF) and New England's defense (vs. MIA). This should be a good finish to what has been an excellent regular season.

Prediction: I took the McGahees once in an upset, and it paid off. No offense to Kurupt, but I'm going with the McGahees again. By at least 10.

If the two finalists (along with Timdogg1934, our lovely last-place winner) would be so kind to leave shirt sizes in the comments section, and send me mailing addresses, I'll have the prizes sent out to the winner by the end of next week.