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Prediction Time: Bills' Week 16 Defining Moment

As part of Samsung's "Defining Moments of the Weekend" campaign, several of SB Nation's football blogs are asked each week to submit the "Defining Moment" from any NFL game coming up on next week's schedule. Naturally, with the Bills about to do battle with the New York Giants, I wrote about my predicted Defining Moment from that game: Trent Edwards' rebound performance (in victory, of course). The great part about this initiative is that fans like you and I can visit the site, vote up our favorite Defining Moments and even submit our own.

So that's what I'm inviting you all to do - check out my Defining Moment, vote it up, and write up your own if you'd like. Also, make sure to check out the rest of the Defining Moments submitted by the writers of SB Nation!

In the event that you'd rather stay in the comforts of this site, here's the write-up:

After an 8-0 loss to Cleveland in Week 15, many Bills fans began to question whether rookie quarterback Trent Edwards - a product of the left coast's ideal weather - could lead a team based in a cold-weather city.

Edwards answered those questions this week, out-performing Eli Manning in a 23-14 win over the New York Giants on a cold day at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

While the Giants lost their second straight to drop to 9-6, Edwards coolly completed 17 of 28 passes for 196 yards and two scores - all in the face of a ferocious Giants pass rush that entered the game leading the league in sacks. Manning, meanwhile, turned the ball over three times in another mediocre performance that has the Giants fading quickly from the NFC playoff picture.

Edwards' performance improves his record to 6-2 as a rookie starter, and many Bills fans - heartened by this rebound performance - believe that the Bills have finally found their quarterback of the future.

An advanced thanks to anyone who drops by, votes for the moment and submits their own! And by the way, if you do submit a Defining Moment, be sure to drop a comment here so that we can all go vote yours up as well!