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Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins: Open Game Thread

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Game Preview :: Hogs Haven

Update [2007-12-2 16:11:59 by Brian Galliford]: A Jason Campbell hail mary falls short, and the Bills eke out a win in Washington. Hats off to the Redskins and their fans - they played a heck of a game, and should have won it. Once again, thoughts and prayers to the Taylor family and the Redskins organization. Big, big, big win - analysis coming a bit later. At 6-6, the Bills are still alive in the playoff chase.

Update [2007-12-2 16:7:28 by Brian Galliford]: Edwards to Reed to get them into FG position. Gibbs penalty makes it a 36-yarder, and Lindell nails it. 4 seconds remain. Bills lead, but keep those fingers and toes crossed, folks.

Update [2007-12-2 15:54:9 by Brian Galliford]: Two minute warning, Redskins ball, fresh set of downs. Bills have two timeouts. Cross your fingers and toes.

Update [2007-12-2 15:41:27 by Brian Galliford]: Buffalo gets a 54-yard reception from Fred Jackson, but once again they can't find enough plays to get it into the end zone. 14 the unconventional way isn't enough for a lead; over 6 minutes remain. Buffalo's defense has the game on its shoulders once again.

Update [2007-12-2 15:27:26 by Brian Galliford]: Goodness, that was ugly. The Bills gain a total of 13 yards, and their touchdown bid is foiled by two holding penalties and a fumbled snap. 16-11; the offense politely asks our defense to make more big plays.

Update [2007-12-2 15:18:54 by Brian Galliford]: Momentum! On third down, Terrence McGee jumps in front of Santana Moss, tips the ball and Larry Tripplett, hustling to the ball, picks off the pass. This offense is in business at Washington's 23 yard-line; end of the third quarter.

Update [2007-12-2 15:13:0 by Brian Galliford]: Well, that's not exactly what I meant, but I guess we have to take it. Awful play-calling hamstrings the offense again, but they once again are only one score (and a 2-point conversion) out. Plenty of time to crawl back in it.

Update [2007-12-2 15:6:46 by Brian Galliford]: Big, big play from Buffalo's defense, as Kyle Williams strips Campbell and it's promptly recovered by Angelo Crowell. It's those plays that have been absent in recent weeks; our offense, which looked putrid a few minutes ago, absolutely has to capitalize on this turnover.

Update [2007-12-2 14:54:56 by Brian Galliford]: So much for that big possession. Washington makes it look easy through the air, and then their closer, Clinton Portis, puts it in the paint. Momentum swinging hardcore back to Washington.

Update [2007-12-2 14:45:27 by Brian Galliford]: A big catch by Lee Evans sparks a quick Bills strike, but their drive stalls after a Robert Royal holding penalty. Lindell good from 38; defense needs to keep the Skins from taking momentum right back. Big, big possession here.

Update [2007-12-2 14:38:7 by Brian Galliford]: The second half is underway, and Buffalo will start with the ball. Let's start this half fast and get some points quick, Trent. We're still in this thing.

Update [2007-12-2 14:25:47 by Brian Galliford]: Halftime. Despite Washington's ability to do whatever they want offensively between the twenties, Buffalo is only down one score. Bright spots: Fred Jackson (64 total yards), Edwards (9/14 passing, good reads), pass rush (3 sacks). Need a lot more plays - and fewer big penalties - in the second half.

Update [2007-12-2 14:21:11 by Brian Galliford]: Washington converts the turnover into another field goal. Less than 30 seconds remain in the half; look for a squib and a kneel-down.

Update [2007-12-2 14:12:40 by Brian Galliford]: Two minute warning. Despite a turnaround on both sides of the ball, penalties and a Robert Royal fumble have kept the Bills from taking momentum. Washington is now driving and near midfield.

Update [2007-12-2 13:54:6 by Brian Galliford]: Safety! Buffalo's defense responds to offensive ineptitude in a big way - two stuffs of Clinton Portis create 3rd and 11, and then Angelo Crowell sacks Campbell in the end zone for a safety. 6-2; we need our offense to get something going after the free kick.

Update [2007-12-2 13:40:52 by Brian Galliford]: An Aaron Schobel sack ends Washington's bid for a TD (and shakes up Jason Campbell), and the Bills defense hasn't broken despite its bendiness. 6-0 Washington. The defense needs to not bend once in a while.

Update [2007-12-2 13:37:39 by Brian Galliford]: End of the first quarter. Buffalo holds the ball for a pitiful 1 minute 29 seconds, and Washington is poised to add to their lead inside Buffalo's 10 yard-line. Utter domination.

Update [2007-12-2 13:16:4 by Brian Galliford]: Washington milks away more than half of the first quarter, but as is the norm for Buffalo early in games, they hold Washington to a 27-yard field goal. We need a nice long drive of our own now - pressure's on, Trent.

Update [2007-12-2 13:3:23 by Brian Galliford]: We have kickoff. Washington will start with the ball first; we'll get a shot at seeing our defense first. Go Bills!

Another week, another game. Right? Not this week. Things are very, very different this week. The Washington Redskins are hurting emotionally and will likely be supremely motivated. Our Buffalo Bills have made another QB switch, with rookie Trent Edwards starting. This has the makings of a physical, emotional game. Here's the thing: Buffalo really, really needs this one if they're going to make the playoffs. So does Washington. It's going to be tough, but make no mistake: the Bills can win this game.

Barring wacky Internet connectivity issues (as I experienced three weeks ago when the Bills were in Miami), I'll be live and active during the game, updating this thread with score, in-game and comment updates. This is your spot to do the same - the open game thread. If you have an account, I hope to see a bunch of you talking about the game while I'm around; if you don't have an account, you're more than welcome to create a free one and join in the discussion. Go Bills!