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Giants' Hixon Expected to Walk With Everett

Some noteworthy items for your Friday night perusal:

WIVB is reporting that Giants WR Domenik Hixon will accompany Kevin Everett onto the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium prior to Sunday's Bills/Giants contest. Yes - Hixon was the player that Everett was attempting to tackle on the final play of his professional career. Now, the classy Hixon is a Giant, and when he hits the field turf at The Ralph on Sunday, I fully expect to hear the stadium at its loudest.

After falling on his shoulder late in Thursday's practice, WR Roscoe Parrish is now questionable for Sunday's game. This would be a blow - not only for the special teams, but for the offense as well. My guess is that Parrish will play; if he can't go, Justin Jenkins will take his place on offense, and Jim Leonhard will return punts.

Rodney McKissic of The Buffalo News has it right: stopping Brandon Jacobs is the key to this weekend's game (defensively, at least). It's no secret that Jacobs provides matchup issues no other back does in the league; if the Bills can neutralize him, it will put a lot of pressure on Eli Manning sans Jeremy Shockey and a 100% healthy Plaxico Burress. It will be a tall task; if it's not completed, it could be a long day for Buffalo's defense.

Mark Gaughan has an interesting tidbit in regards to today's discussion of offensive coordinators:

I think (Cam) Cameron would be a serious candidate the Bills should consider if he gets fired. But he might be a hot commodity if there are numerous job openings, and I don't see the Bills getting in a bidding war for a coordinator. I dislike the idea of starting a new offense from scratch, perhaps because I've covered it so many times. It's a vicious cycle: New coordinator brings new offense with high hopes; new offense struggles in its first year; everyone talks about how much more comfortable they are in Year Two; it does marginally better; offense gets changed in Year Three. Put another big-time weapon on the field at wideout or tight end and I think the offense will look pretty good next season. So I'm inclined to like the option of keeping Turk Schonert and Alex Van Pelt and letting them retool the existing attack. Marv Levy and Dick Jauron are not likely to be hasty. They probably would be wise to wait at least a week and see how many coaching staffs get fired and how many experienced candidates are out there.

At one point, I thought along the same lines: that Buffalo would promote from within. But the more I examine it, the more it becomes obvious that the Bills simply don't have a coach that's very qualified for the position. Then, Pro Football Talk reported that the Bills were likely going to hire from outside the organization. Hence, the list. I like Van Pelt over Schonert, for what it's worth; it might be a good idea for Jauron to give Van Pelt an expanded role next season. My best idea to date: bring in the experienced Chris Palmer (whom Jauron worked with in Jacksonville), expand Van Pelt's role, and groom the younger coach as the successor for the aging Palmer. That could work... right?