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Post Christmas Bills News

Here are some headlines that you may have missed out on over your Christmas break:

OT Jason Peters, whose groin injury forced him out of the Giants loss, will miss the season finale in Philadelphia, and possibly the Pro Bowl. What's odd: Dick Jauron said that Peters would like to be healthy enough to play in the Pro Bowl. Don't players usually try their hardest to skip that event? Peters is a class act; I can't wait to see him suit up in Honolulu.

Connor Byrne discusses Mike Schneck. You know, our old long snapper. You know, the guy who never forced Brian Moorman to try to scoop balls off the turf or kick balls out of the back of his own end zone. That Mike Schneck.

The weekly Sal (Maiorana) and Leo (Roth) exchange from the Democrat and Chronicle begs the question: are the Bills defining mediocrity? Sadly, the consensus is yes - again.

I like the words coming out of Marshawn Lynch's mouth after the rookie broke the 1,000-yard barrier in the loss to the Giants:

"It really doesn't have any relevance for me," said Lynch of reaching the milestone. "After this last game I'm going home, but I wanted to see what the playoffs are like."

"I'm going to be here, so I'm going to play in the snow a little bit," said the Buffalo Bills rookie running back. "It's different weather for me."

Take notes, Willis McGahee. Marshawn is giving you a point-by-point breakdown of why you got traded to a crappy Ravens team this off-season: he likes Buffalo, he prefers the playoffs to personal success, and he runs hard. Willis is having a good season in Baltimore, but who cares? Baltimore stinks. I'll take Beast Mode any day of the week.