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Bills/Eagles: Bleeding Green Nation's Take

Bleeding Green Nation: SB Nation's Philadelphia Eagles blog

He's been interviewed by Cris Collinsworth (how cool is that?!), he's got a killer podcast (the man was born for radio), and he runs the best Eagles blog known to mankind. Yes, folks, BleedGreen of Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation's Eagles blog, was kind enough to spot us some Eagles insight as we prepare for Buffalo's final game of the year. For continued top-notch Eagles coverage as each team's final game day of 2007 approaches, be sure to give BGN more than a peek. On to the interview (my questions in bold)...

I have to ask it: after yet another controversy-laden season, is Donovan McNabb an Eagle next season? If he's gone, are the reigns immediately handed to Kevin Kolb?

BGN: Yeah, I think it's gotten pretty obvious that he'll be back next year. The simple fact that he's playing this week and Kolb is the 3rd emergency QB tells me all I need to know. If Andy Reid really had any plans to start Kolb next year, I can't see any reason he wouldn't have been playing this and previous weeks. I've heard some people float the idea that the Eagles are trying to act as if they don't want to trade McNabb and how that will somehow inflate his value... but I don't really understand that. The fact is that the minute a team calls and says "we want to talk about trading for McNabb" and the Eagles say "OK" then the jig is up... So the only reasonable assumption to draw from the fact that McNabb has played these games down the stretch is that he's back next year.

After weathering the storm at home, does it seem likely that Andy Reid will return to coach the Eagles next season?

BGN: Yes, for sure. He's said that all along, but this past week he and his wife did a big feature in Philadelphia Magazine where they basically told the whole story of the saga with their son. So coupled with the fact that he's said a billion times that he's coming back, the fact that he doesn't mind speaking openly about his sons' troubles tells me he has no other plans.

Brian Westbrook is a stud. If you take away the Patriots and Tom Brady (or Randy Moss), does Westbrook have a legitimate case for MVP?

BGN: Sure. I don't know if there's any other player, Brady included, that is as singularly responsible for everything good that has happened for a team this year than Westbrook. He's going to set a team record for yards from scrimmage this weekend. The one game he missed this year the Eagles offense scored 3 points... Everything really begins and ends with him as far as our offense goes.

We love hearing about former Bills, so tell us: how has Takeo Spikes performed this season?

BGN: He's been solid, definitely a big upgrade over what we had at weakside linebacker last year. He hasn't exactly made all that many big plays, but he's been a great leader on the field and has really helped shore up what was an atrocious run defense last year.

If you could pluck one Buffalo Bill off of the current roster and insert them into the Eagles' lineup, who would it be and why?

BGN: I'm going to say Roscoe Parrish. The Eagles' return game has been poor for several years now and has sorely lacked a real threat since Brian Westbrook stopped returning. A real legit return threat like Parrish would bring a dynamic to the special teams that Eagles fans have been begging for years for.

Once again, a big thanks goes out to BleedGreen for stopping by. Be sure to look for a reciprocating interview from myself in a day or two.