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Rumblings FF Update: Champion Decided

Lesson learned. Never bet against Kurupt again. After picking against him twice in the Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football League playoffs, Kurupt for now has stormed through the post-season and claimed the title of Rumblings Fantasy Overlord by beating krukow's The Illegit McGahees in the championship game. Here's how Kurupt was able to pull it off:

Kurupt for Now - Pos - The Illegit McGahees
Kurt Warner (32.76) - QB - Tom Brady (19.7)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (8.5) - WR1 - Marques Colston (1.6)
Brandon Marshall (7.5) - WR2 - Wes Welker (4.9)
Torry Holt (4.1) - WR3 - Calvin Johnson (4.9)
Steven Jackson (16.6) - RB1 - Willie Parker (-0.1)
Earnest Graham (3.2) - RB2 - Aaron Stecker (20.4)
Tony Scheffler (3.7) - TE - Chris Cooley (9.3)
Fred Taylor (17.1) - Flex - Kenny Watson (19)
Rob Bironas (5) - K - Shayne Graham (7)
New England (12) - DEF - Tampa Bay (7)

TOTAL: Kurupt for now 110.46, The Illegit McGahees 93.7

This one may have had a different outcome had Willie Parker not been injured early in the Steelers' win over St. Louis; those are the breaks, however, when it comes to fantasy. As we've mentioned a couple of times now, Kurupt is the winner of a sweet Bills poster and a Rumblings FF championship tee-shirt. Congratulations, K - you've officially got cool gear and bragging rights until next December, when I mercilessly snatch them back (well, the bragging rights, at least).