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Bills' Levy Stepping Down as GM; Search for Successor Underway

Levy leaves after 2 years as Bills GM (

WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo is reporting that Bills GM Marv Levy is stepping down after two years in that position. The 82-year-old Levy was responsible for the hiring of Dick Jauron as head coach and much of the roster turnover that has occurred over the past two seasons. From the report:

After internal discussions within the Bills organization, the mutual decision was made to let Marv step back into retirement after two years on the job. The long hours required for the position of General Manager were reportedly wearing on the 82 year old Levy, and the feeling was Marv had done what he needed to do.

Can't help but agree here. Levy has set up a solid foundation, and he's handing the reigns to Jauron - a steady, intelligent leader - for future seasons. My early guess - and yeah, it's just a guess - is that the Bills will look very seriously at promoting a new GM from within (Tom Modrak is the obvious choice) to maintain continuity and avoid a new GM making a coaching staff overhaul. That, to me, makes the most sense at this point.

This news isn't shocking, but it is unexpected. Measures must be taken immediately to ensure that Levy's departure doesn't toss the Bills directly into turmoil again. Thanks, Marv - you've brought stability to the front office, a vision to the franchise, and a roster full of never-say-die overachievers. May we hope your successor can fill your overlarge shoes and put the finishing touches on your roster.

I encourage you all to leave your thoughts on this news in the comments section.

Update [2007-12-30 20:16:59 by Brian Galliford]: According to the report from, Levy has been given the choice of whether or not to remain with the Bills as a consultant. We'll know in the next few days, as an official announcement is expected within that time period. If Levy does stay on as a consultant, it only re-affirms the feeling that the Bills will continue to build on their current nucleus by promoting a new GM from within and conserving a young, smart coaching staff.

Update [2007-12-30 21:26:33 by Brian Galliford]: Pro Football Talk has broken the initial Bills list for a potential Levy successor. That list includes: John Guy, Tom Modrak, former Titans GM Floyd Reese, former Redskins/Texans GM Charley Casserly, Chiefs VP of Player Personnel Bill Kuharich, and Patriots Director of College Scouting Tom Dimitroff. Vote Guy; if not, vote Dimitroff - we need some Patriots mojo here.