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Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles: Open Game Thread

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Update [2007-12-30 16:4:16 by Brian Galliford]: That's all she wrote on the 2007 season for the Buffalo Bills, and just like '06, it ends with a record of 7-9. It's another disappointing finish, but there are a lot of positives to take away from this season. We'll have much more on this game, and the 2007 season as a whole, tonight and in the coming days.

Update [2007-12-30 15:56:48 by Brian Galliford]: We've hit the 2-minute warning, and the Eagles have just completed a 41-yard pass that will all but ice this one for an Eagles win. Stand by - two minutes remain on Buffalo's 2007 season.

Update [2007-12-30 15:16:5 by Brian Galliford]: A second turnover by Donovan McNabb - this time, a fumbled snap recovered by John DiGiorgio - has the Bills in scoring position at the outset of the fourth quarter. Come on, offense - we need touchdowns. Touchdowns are a good thing.

Update [2007-12-30 15:11:13 by Brian Galliford]: The Bills strike back quickly after a 56-yard rush by Marshawn Lynch sets up a first and goal. Once again, however, the Bills' red zone offense resembles a Pee Wee league, and they're forced to settle for 3. At some point, Jauron is going to have to risk a turnover on downs if he wants to win this game.

Update [2007-12-30 15:4:21 by Brian Galliford]: The football gods love Kevin Curtis. For a second straight week, Curtis has recovered a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown, this time off of a Reggie Brown fumble near the goal line (forced by Terrence McGee). An 11-point deficit is probably too big for Buffalo's elementary offense to make up, but we'll give it the college try.

Update [2007-12-30 14:54:30 by Brian Galliford]: Buffalo's off to a nice second-half start. Their D forces a quick punt, and then some nice air gains by Rob Royal and Marshawn Lynch get the Bills into FG position. 10-6. D up, Buffalo.

Update [2007-12-30 14:39:21 by Brian Galliford]: Third quarter is underway; Eagles ball. Let's see if our anemic offense can pick up the slack, score some points and pull out a win in the finale.

Update [2007-12-30 14:26:14 by Brian Galliford]: We've reached halftime in Philly. Some solid red zone work by Buffalo's defense has kept this game winnable for the Bills. Edwards: 7/12-46-0-0; Lynch: 13-56; Royal: 2-18.

Update [2007-12-30 14:22:47 by Brian Galliford]: Solid clock management and a couple of big passes get the Eagles into TD position on the 2-minute drill, but some big-time pressure from Buffalo's blitz snuffs out the TD threat. David Akers is good, and it's a TD lead once again for the Eagles. 20 seconds remain in the half.

Update [2007-12-30 14:8:16 by Brian Galliford]: On a drive set up by an Ashton Youboty interception, the Bills drive down and get a field goal from Rian Lindell. We're inside the two-minute warning; let's see if the Bills can keep the Eagles from scoring before the half.

Update [2007-12-30 13:42:36 by Brian Galliford]: That's the end of the first quarter, and it's been a poor one for Buffalo. Philadelphia is dominating time of possession, and the Bills have just 4 passing yards and 1 first down. Philly has a good D, and a good run game - a combination that has destroyed Buffalo this season.

Update [2007-12-30 13:35:25 by Brian Galliford]: On their second drive of the game, the Eagles methodically take the ball down the field, and McNabb makes the Bills pay with a short touchdown toss to Brett Celek. Buffalo's offense - anemic once again - needs to respond in a big way here.

Update [2007-12-30 13:3:15 by Brian Galliford]: We're underway in Philly for the season finale. Buffalo will start with the football; let's go Trent!

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This is it, folks - the last day of real Bills football for a solid nine months. Depressing, right? The Bills can take a little edge off of that depression, however, by doing something they were unable to do in 2006: close their season with a win. With a .500 record in sight, look for our overachieving Bills to give us one final all-out effort, regardless of the outcome.

One last time, I'll be here providing live updates on the progress of the game in this open thread. This is your forum to discuss the game as it unfolds as well - all you need is a free account. I'll see you all live at 1PM. Go Bills!