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Bills Draft Talk, Anyone?

"But Brian, we're on the cusp of the playoffs! Why would you talk about the draft now?! We should be focusing on the Dolphins!"

OK... we'll focus on the Dolphins starting tomorrow. But tonight, I wanted to post an interesting project going on over at Mocking The Draft, SB Nation's NFL Draft blog hosted by Matt Miller. Mr. Miller was kind enough to ask the SB Nation football bloggers to submit their team's needs for his future reference, and I'm happy to say that Matt actually agreed with something I said.

I won't bore you with the details of my analysis (and hey, you should be checking those out at Mocking the Draft anyways... wink), but I thought I'd share some of Matt's responses to my analysis. I listed tight end as Buffalo's top priority, and surprisingly (at least to me), Matt agreed:

Great stuff, Brian. I agree that tight end is a huge need for this team. I'd love to see them grab Martin Rucker (Missouri).

To which I emphatically replied "absolutely". If you haven't seen Rucker play, make sure you catch the Cotton Bowl on January 1st when Missouri takes on Arkansas. If Rucker isn't enough reason to watch (and he is, believe me; his athleticism and playmaking abilities make him a nightmare matchup for opposing D-Coordinators), Arkansas star tailback Darren McFadden will be playing as well. Good opportunity to scout a player (Rucker) who would become an immediate difference-maker for this offense.

Now, onto the more-Bills-related, very intriguing comments Matt made about two current Bills rookies, Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards:

I was a big fan of Edwards at Stanford, despite his low productivity and injuries. He was just a good all-around talent and leader. I think you guys have a good quarterback there. And Marshawn Lynch is phenomenal. It will be exciting to see that young team, on both sides of the ball, gel.

Agreed. Very interesting to see an established draft mind commending Buffalo on its two prize rookies. Maybe I'll allow myself to get a little more excited about Edwards now that we've got the backing of Matt.

Be sure to check out Mocking the Draft for the team needs, as well as a boatload of other superb draft coverage. If there's another draft site you should frequent, it's Draft Tek. Even though they've been insisting for months that the Bills should take DeSean Jackson (not going to happen, folks), it's a very unique system that deserves frequent mention. They're a friend of this community as well, so if you're making Draft stops, I recommend putting these two sites at the top of your list. (What does Mel Kiper know that these guys don't, anyways?)