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Saturday Bills News and Notes: Everett Walks

There's some big news coming out of Houston about our favorite Bill; that news alone calls for a Bills news post. I'll have the Dolphins game preview up a bit later on this morning; for now, relish this great news, Bills fans.

Injured Bills TE Kevin Everett is walking. On his own. This is fabulous - at one point, Everett was paralyzed from the neck down and on life support - and now he's walking on his own. Good job, Kevin - you're an inspiration. It's been a dark couple of weeks for the NFL family; this news is uplifting not just for the Bills, but for the league.

The Buffalo News speculates that the Bills-Giants game could be flexed if the Bills beat Miami tomorrow. If it happens - and it very well could, with the Giants being a good prime-time draw - it would be Buffalo's third prime-time game this season. Personally, I'm all for the idea; of course, I'd be getting up pretty late on Christmas Eve. This would be a nice development for the franchise, but let's keep it in perspective: the Bills need to beat the Dolphins first.

A good overview article of the Bills-Dolphins game and Buffalo's need to focus on Miami, not Cleveland.

Going back to Everett, you don't get to see these types of articles very often. Yet when you do, they're incredibly interesting - this one details Bills team physician Dr. John Marzo, the man who can be credited with saving Everett's ability to walk with his on-field efforts September 9. This is truly a great read.