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Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins: Open Game Thread

38 vs 17


Update [2007-12-9 17:30:18 by Brian Galliford]: Wait a minute... the Bills actually played offense today? Yes folks, it was a huge game for Buffalo's offense, with plenty of big plays in a dominating win at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Buffalo's playoff chances remain alive and healthy. Much more on this game to come tonight; I've got a bit of travel time in front of me for the time being. Thanks to everyone who commented in this open thread.

It's game day once again, Bills fans, and as is the status quo when it comes to the NFL, this week's matchup with the Miami Dolphins marks Buffalo's most important game of the season to date. With huge playoff implications at stake, the Bills must avoid a let-down on their home field and take care of business against a winless Dolphins team that is sure to be scrappy, but just isn't as good as Buffalo. It doesn't matter how it's done - this game just needs to see the Bills climb back above .500 and keep themselves alive in the playoff chase.

Game Preview :: The Phinsider

We know what's at stake. The team will be performing in front of a sold-out crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium - and I count myself amongst those fortunate enough to be going. The game will be televised locally thanks to the sellout; if you can't watch the game without interaction with other Bills fans, however, this is the place to accomplish that. In my absence, I leave this open thread in the capable hands of all of my readers. If you have an account, leave a comment or two throughout the game. If you don't have an account, create a free one. We'll have a full recap of the game later this evening; until then, GO BILLS!