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Former Bills QB Bledsoe Retires

Is Bledsoe a Hall of Fame QB?

Faced with a season as a backup to Tony Romo in Dallas, former Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe has decided to call it a career. He finishes his career with 44,611 passing yards and 251 touchdown passes over his 14-year career. One of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history from a statistical standpoint, Bledsoe was often maligned throughout his career for not living up to his lofty status as the first-overall pick in the 1993 draft.

Bledsoe had a bit of a rocky career, but in the opinion of this humble blogger, none of his shortcomings take away from this fact: Drew Bledsoe is one of the best quarterbacks I have ever seen play this game. Of course, I'm a bit younger than my blogging peers, so they may think different; perhaps I'm also a bit biased because of his stint in Buffalo.

I will always fondly recall Bledsoe's first season in Buffalo - despite the fact that he did not work out as this franchise's "savior", he did play an exciting brand of football under two very, very bad head coaches. Don't blame Drew for Buffalo's struggles during his tenure. Blame the "old" management, the coaching staff and the neglect given to Bledsoe's offensive line. Drew didn't get a fair shake in Buffalo.

My question for you this morning, Bills fans, is this: Is Drew Bledsoe worthy of entry into the Hall of Fame? Here's my vote: absolutely, 100% Drew Bledsoe should be in the Hall of Fame. No, he didn't "win" a Super Bowl (though he does have a ring from the Patriots' first run). No, he was never a consistent winner in the league. Yes, he had a rocky career. But his numbers speak for themselves - despite seemingly constantly dealing with quarterback controversies, inept coaching staffs and terrible offensive lines, Bledsoe put up incredible numbers. Those numbers alone make him worthy in my eyes.

So what do you think, Bills fans? Should Drew Bledsoe be in the Hall of Fame?