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Turner's Agent: No Trade Coming

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Chargers RB Michael Turner

Reports have surfaced this morning in The Tennessean that a potential trade for Chargers running back Michael Turner does not appear imminent. From the article:

Obviously it is not too early to close the book on a potential Turner deal. This may be Turner's agent pushing to get something done; it may also be Turner's agent spouting the truth. I have maintained all along that any trade involving Turner would not happen until draft day, and Turner's agent did say that something could still happen on the weekend of the 28/29th.

My belief is that the holdup on the Turner deal does not rest solely on compensation in terms of a trade - it likely has a large part to do with a potential deal between Turner's reps and either of these teams as well. I have a gut feeling that even if a trade were completed, it would be hard to get Turner to sign an extension and report to camp - the Turner camp is likely looking for overly large quantities of guaranteed money. I am guessing that this problem is just as much of a hang-up in negotiations as trade compensation between these franchises.

The Turner situation is well-documented. The Chargers have slapped the highly-touted RFA with the highest tender possible, meaning that any team that signed Turner to an offer sheet would have to sacrifice a 1st- and 3rd-round pick as compensation in the deal. This has lead teams to pursue trades in an attempt to save draft picks while still getting the solid young running back.

Take a look at the article and leave your comments here, Bills fans. Will Turner get moved this off-season? Do you see a draft-day trade coming? How hard will it be to get Turner to sign a deal should he be traded? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this matter... very interesting developments this morning.

Here's the agent's quotes from the article:

"As of right now, it looks like Michael is going to be in San Diego," Cook said. "Things could change, and it could happen on draft day, too."

"I don't think that is going to happen either," Cook said of Buffalo. "I don't know what is going to happen. Nothing is happening right now, though."

Update [2007-4-17 11:48:18 by Brian G]:Nick Canepa has written an article on the Turner situation in the San Diego Tribune. Some interesting bits from this new article:

Anyway, the quest for Turner has not ceased, not by any means. But we might not know for certain until draft day. As Smith says, this is a three-way street between the Chargers, the suitors and Turner's agent.

This seems to refute the article mentioned above, and confirms the Dock Ellis opinion that Turner's agent was just blowing smoke. Although, I suppose this could just be Smith in denial about the willingness of Turner's suitors to part ways with too much ammo.

"It's still a 1 and a 3," says Smith, now busy working with his scouts on the April 28-29 draft. "I'm flexible. What I mean is that I recognize that a 1 and a 3 would paralyze a team's draft. So work with us.

"Six teams are still very interested. I can only tell you two, Buffalo and Tennessee, because they don't care if it's known. I'm sworn to secrecy on the others. They're trying to stay under the radar. A lot of people are scared to death to let it out. I'm amazed this is going on, but I told them I'd only verify if you come out. Teams love me because of that. I tell them I'd like to have a 1 and a 3 in '07 or '08. You guys decide what it's worth."

6 teams?! Buffalo is still mentioned as one of the front-runners, but wow - interest is much higher than I had expected. I figured there might have been one or two other teams in the mix; definitely did not see four coming. Anyone care to speculate which teams? Carolina, Philadelphia and the Giants come to mind for me...

Also, is it just me, or does A.J. Smith sound incredibly conceited? It's almost as if he's mocking the GMs who are in the running. It's great that he drives a hard bargain - he's doing what's best for his team; how much will his arrogance prevent future business, however? "People love me because of that." Seriously? Why does he even have to say that? I laughed at first at the outright arrogance there, but now it's just sort of perplexing.

Keep commenting, Bills fans - this story seems to be picking up a bit of steam.