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Only 64 hours until the 2007 NFL Draft, Bills fans! In preparation for the huge event, I have made a few changes to the site that I'd like you all to be aware of. If you allow your eyes to wander over to the left sidebar (after finishing this post, of course), you will notice a ginormous NFL Draft Logo and a likewise ginormous SB Nation Mock Draft logo as well. This is where you can keep track of Draft ongoings on Saturday.

The pick numbers that appear below the Draft logo will eventually link to the stories of each pick as they occur this coming weekend. Once each pick is made, simply click the number of the pick you wish to examine and you'll get more information than your brain will likely be able to handle. The numbers will be link-activated once, you know, a pick or a trade has actually been made. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a more comprehensive analysis of each move the Bills make on draft day than here at Buffalo Rumblings!

Directly below is a link to the full three rounds of the SB Nation Mock Draft (which is very near completion) and the stories of the Bills' three picks in this draft as well. Simply click on any of the Round or Pick numbers to see the results. Nowhere on the Internet will you find a more interesting, (hopefully) accurate mock draft. You should check it out before Saturday to get a good sense of how things may unfold.

On Friday night I will be posting what is called an "Open Thread" in SB Nation land - this will be the place to make our final predictions regarding draft day and talk about anything and everything related to the draft. Once the picks start coming on Saturday, you'll see any Bills-related updates here first!

Time to get excited, Bills fans!