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McGee Ordered to Pay Ex-Agent

McGee Owes his ex-agent $100K

It's sort of strange to be hearing news about a "real" NFL player this time of year. Usually we're discussing draft picks today; I'm delighted to talk to you now instead about Terrence McGee. Specifically, how strange this story about McGee is.

Rather than continue his relatively famous art endeavors this off-season, McGee has instead opted to take his ex-agent to court over a 2% difference negotiated when McGee signed his extension in October of 2005. According to ESPN, a federal arbitrator has ruled that McGee must pay agent Terry Bolar $100,000 to make up for that 2% discrepancy.

Here's the story: When McGee's contract was extended, McGee claims that he and Bolar agreed to a 1% compensation of McGee's $5 million bonus that would be paid to Bolar. The agent, however, claimed that a 3% compensation had been agreed upon - and when McGee only paid 1%, Bolar went after his money. The arbitrator ruled in favor of Bolar based, it appears, on McGee's strange testimony. The player stated that Bolar destroyed a document in which the 1% compensation agreement had been officially recorded.

The article also details a current lawsuit that McGee has filed against his former financial advisor Craig Curry, who allegedly funneled $1 million into faulty or nonexistent investments. McGee is seeking damages of $1 million.

Strange stuff. I can understand McGee going after Curry, who appears to have tried to "Enron away" McGee's earnings. But the squabble over 2% of a signing bonus, even if that does amount to $100K, seems a little redundant to me. You fired the guy, Terrence. What did you expect him to do, walk away without a fight? Bolar got what he deserved.

Whatever. The draft is on Saturday. It's still refreshing to see some non-draft stuff once in a while, though - right?