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Update [2007-4-27 15:45:11 by Brian G]: Rather than posting links and separate threads for each of the many rumors that are flying (just a little more than 20 hours left!!!), let's just treat this as an OPEN THREAD for any pre-draft rumor discussions you'd like to have. Topics can include whatever your little hearts desire; let's keep it draft rumor-related. Here are some starter topics:

Broncos/Texans trade
Brady Quinn to the Raiders? (Pro Football Talk)
#3/Braylon Edwards to the Raiders for #1 (PFT)
2008 first-round trade offer to the Chargers for M. Turner (ESPN)
Any other rumors you hear, you're more than welcome to report either in this thread or in the diaries.

Let's talk draft, people!

Update [2007-4-27 15:34:54 by Brian G]: KFFL is now reporting via John Clayton that no deal will go down between the Broncos and Texans today. This is definitely a situation to keep our eyes on - although there are rumors circulating that Posluszny will be the Bills' pick no matter what, this potential Broncos/Texans deal could have significant ramifications for the Bills. Stay tuned...

Inside the League, an affiliate of KFFL, is reporting that the Denver Broncos have traded the #21 and #56 picks to the Houston Texans for the rights to the #10 pick. The move is believed to have been made by Mike Shanahan to select MLB Patrick Willis, who would be a fine replacement for Al Wilson, or the best available defensive lineman.

Stay tuned for further updates from more sources as this story develops. If this turns out to be true, we may be looking at Paul Posluszny as our next starting linebacker...