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Bills Take RB Marshawn Lynch in Round 1

No. 12

Profile: NFL Draft Countdown

Marshawn Lynch
Running Back

Update [2007-4-28 15:3:52 by Brian G]: Last week I wrote a prospect profile on Lynch. If you'd like to read the full analysis of Lynch's skills and drawbacks, read his profile here. Also, Chris Brown of the Official Site has written a very interesting article on Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch is the newest member of the Buffalo Bills. After watching Patrick Willis go to the 49ers one pick earlier, we had the pleasure of watching Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce Smith announce the selection of Lynch.

Let me get this out there first: I really like Marshawn Lynch as a player. He has the makings of a dominant back - he has good build, good experience, is pretty solid all-around and has been a game-breaker since breaking onto the scene as a college freshman. I think that his skill set complements that of the A-Train's nicely, and I think he is a very good fit in Steve Fairchild's offense. It's good to see that Jauron and the coaching staff are going to do what it takes to protect our QB, J.P. Losman.

With that said, Lynch was certainly not my top choice here. I think that there are some good options at RB in the second round that could have been just as effective for the Bills in conjunction with the A-Train. If I had made this pick, it would have been Penn State OLB Paul Posluszny in a heartbeat.

As far as Lynch's character concerns go, I'm not too worried. If our scouts, coaches and front office deemed Lynch draft-worthy despite these issues, then I have faith in my guys. Lynch's character obviously pales in comparison to a guy like Posluszny or David Harris, but I have faith that Lynch will be a stand-up citizen when he gets to Buffalo.

With three first-day picks remaining in the draft, I expect to go LB in the second round and possibly in the third as well, with DB and WR possibilities as well. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

Please feel free to leave your comments on Lynch below, and please also grade our performance in the first round in the poll located on the top right of this page.