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RB Dwayne Wright is Bills' Fourth-Round Pick

No. 111

Profile: NFL Draft Countdown

Dwayne Wright
Running Back
Fresno State

While RB was certainly not my point of emphasis heading into Day 2 - and the needs in our defensive backfield still need to be addressed, believe me - I love this pick. Dwayne Wright is a guy that a lot of Bills fans I know have been high on, and his addition to the backfield gives the Bills an extremely versatile trio of backs in A-Train, Lynch and Wright.

As far as Wright's skills go, he has a ton of ability - he is a big guy (6'0", 228) who is a natural running back. He's got great vision, good balance and he has even been successful as a receiver out of the backfield. His size and versatility make him a great complement to Lynch in our RB stable of the future, and he actually has the ability to replace the A-Train in a two-back system very adequately once the A-Train leaves town. The only knock on Wright is his straight-line speed (4.66 40), but the way in which the Bills figure to use Wright does not necessitate huge speed. Wright will be used much in the way that the A-Train will be used - a pound between the tackles, blitz pickup, safety valve role. It meshes with Marshawn Lynch's skill set very well.

What I particularly like about Wright is that he is a family man. He is a bit older than most prospects (he'll be a 24-year-old rookie) but is married with two children. He is a very smart guy, a very hard worker and fits the character mold that Marv Levy looks for in his guys. Wright has a bright future in Buffalo as part of a multi-back system, and he could make an impact right away as a rookie if he sees enough playing time.

Cornerback, safety and linebacker have got to be the focus of our last three picks today, which will be in the sixth and seventh rounds. Leave your comments on the Wright selection below and stay tuned to Buffalo Rumblings for further Bills draft coverage.