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Bills Select Boise State TE Schouman with first 7th-Round Pick

No. 222

Profile: NFL Draft Countdown

Derek Schouman
Tight End
Boise State

With their sixth pick of the draft the Bills have added TE Derek Schouman of Boise State to the mix. My initial reaction to this pick is positive - Schouman is an interesting prospect. He is a bit small for a TE (6'2", 247) but times well for the position (4.74). His size/speed combo seems to fit the "Halfback" role that the Bills are looking to employ in their offense - rather than bringing back Daimon Shelton, the club has decided to use tight ends and linemen lined up in the fullback slot to provide more versatility from the position. Schouman fits this role to a T.

The only thing that concerns me about Schouman - as well as the majority of the Bills' picks (Lynch, Posluszny, Edwards and Wright included) - is that Schouman comes with an injury history. He hasn't had any serious injuries like the Bills' other rookies but he does not report as the most durable of prospects. The fact that he is undersized does not help in this situation.

Schouman isn't a great athlete and he won't wow you with spectacular plays, but he's smart, solid and does most things well. This is a smart pick by the Bills in Round 7.