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DE Ah You is Bills' Final Pick in 2007 NFL Draft

No. 239

Profile: NFL Draft Countdown

C.J. Ah You
Defensive End

The Buffalo Bills closed out their 2007 Draft by selecting defensive end C.J. Ah You out of Oklahoma. To me, this is by far the most curious pick of the draft, and one that comes with more questions than answers.

First the good: Ah You (pronounced "I-you") is a talented prospect. He's a hard worker on the field, has good measurables (6'4", 274, 4.7 40) and has always been good at getting after the quarterback. He's also very good in pursuit and can run guys down from behind. His skills match those of our current defensive ends, which isn't surprising considering their success in this system.

There are questions, however. First of all, Ah You has several off-field incidents that have led to questions of his character. Reportedly, he has also been a part of a fight with a teammate. He also has had a knee injury in his past, which caused him to transfer from BYU to a junior college. After getting back to BYU he transferred to Oklahoma where he ended his career.

Keep in mind that Buffalo's depth at DE is astronomical. Not including Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney, Ah You has a long ways to climb to make this roster. He must beat out the energetic Anthony Hargrove and second-year player Eric Powell (who was on the roster all last year) just to earn a spot on the team. More likely, Ah You will be cut in the pre-season and make the practice squad. With needs at CB and LB still there with this pick, it's shocking that a DE was added. Apparently Ah You's upside was enough for the Bills to take a chance on.


That's a wrap for Buffalo's participation in the draft. Coming up this week - interviews with more bloggers in regards to our picks; a full Bills draft recap; I will also be appearing on at least one site as an analyst as well, so stay tuned for that.

Leave your post-draft comments and anything you have to say about the Bills' second-day effort in the comments below.